Last week I wrote an article on the lines girls use to just “drop” the approach a guy has made!

Last week I wrote an article on the lines girls use to just “drop” the approach a guy has made!

I was so happy that some of my readers especially the ladies acknowledged some of these lines and others said that they have learnt newer ones!

I just feel sorry for the boys especially those whose game is not very good but I am available and I can be of great help!
There is this common debate that I was following recently on one of the leading dating online sites!

The debate was asking the girls what they preferred in a guy… ‘brains or looks?’ Many girls commented and what made everything interesting for me was the contribution of the Rwandan girls!

The Rwandan girls were in for the looks while their regional counterparts (East African Community) were in for the brains. This left me so embarrassed because the Rwandan girls were in for the wrong choice. Looks are great but I will show you why brains are better!

A guy with great looks is like a mobile phone! The housing of the mobile phone does not mean that it has the best functions just like a karasharamye!

It has a very nice size and its striking when you look at it but it does not make it better than the big black berry! These looks that the girls were praising do not last long!

You can fall for a guy who is great outside but in the inside; he is just a jerk!

Secondly, guys with great looks are most times shy! He cannot confidently present himself in front of fellow men! You will find that during a conversation, as people are tabling ideas on a certain issue, he will be keeping quiet doing nothing!

You can now imagine such an embarrassment!

Now this goes to the ladies out there (not girls), when men sit down and talk; they look at someone’s intelligence!

Someone’s power to influence them comes from his brains and not his face!  If he is the kind of guy who spends three days in a salon, then men will just call him “pede” rather than a man!

I am not saying that guys should start looking lousy! All I am saying is that a man should be well groomed but then his looks (what ladies love calling a cute guy) should not be the first thing a girl considers when a guy approaches them!

This should be just a secondary characteristic of what a girl looks in a man.

A guy with a smart brain is the dream of every lady! Such a guy makes a woman feel comfortable even among fellow ladies because he is a gentleman! He will value a lady not because of her looks but because she is the perfect match!

So ladies out there who value looks think twice! Looks are just an icing on the cake! When you fall for a guy because of looks; that is not love but lust! You have fallen for what is on top not what is inside!

This means that when you see a better looking guy, you will dump this one and then run to the other one! At the end of the day, you will settle for nothing because you are running places and swallowing air!

In a nutshell, even though looks are very nice; a complete man is what I advise the ladies to look for! Looks could be very attractive but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover!

Just take your time. Look for a well groomed man but brains should be on top of the list since you would not want your kids to always be the last in class!