Does how you live determine when you will die?

Of course YES! To support my view, I will turn the pages of history back to a time when fast food restaurants and dip fried chicken and fries didn’t exist.

Of course YES!

To support my view, I will turn the pages of history back to a time when fast food restaurants and dip fried chicken and fries didn’t exist.

About 40 years ago, the average human life span was 79 years. During that time, people lived a simple life, ate no junk food, no drinks full of chemicals commonly known as preservatives; they did exercises, and depended on natural medicine and laughed a lot!

There is a common saying, “a swim a day keeps away the doctor”! This is a very common statement that we use but have failed to practically implement! Someone will argue that not everyone can afford a swimming pool!

This is true and I am not telling everyone to give away their savings to try and pay for a swimming pool in their backyard. All I am saying is that when you exercise every day, maybe jog for about 30 minutes, this helps your heart to function properly; this enables your blood to properly circulate in your body hence getting rid of common diseases such as blood pressure and heart disease!

Some may say that there are people who do all this stuff still die at an early age. This happens but it’s not common. When you observe healthy living ethics, you will live longer. Most people who live by healthy ethics tend o die of natural calamities such as accidents and not preventable diseases.

Let us looking at another health ethic that people abuse: sex! I know most of you do not really know this but this is another secret to a healthy living! A good sex life is very essential to having a long life. Imagine if you slept around with everything that came your way; you would be burning your body up! In ancient China, men were encouraged to have a sex timetable.

This is because Chinese believed that a good sex life makes one happy hence have a happy heart leading to a long life. That’s why when you have a bad sex life; you die of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, other sexually transmitted diseases and even stress!

Today, the people who live longer are from Asian countries such as China and Japan. Many of us always run to these people’s restaurants around town to eat their food! One thing many of us do not always ask ourselves, is why do these people live longer than other people from other parts of the world.

I will try to explain this secret starting with the food—almost all the foods in Asian restaurants is oil free. Being oil free I mean that these foods do not have artificial ingredients in them. They are sea food, natural spices and vegetables served on hot plates—that means that any possibility of germs contaminating your food while on the waiter brings it to your table is zero.

Our, traditional cultures were not exclusive—our ancestors used to cook using cow ghee! The ghee contained the right fat that was needed by our bodies in the right proportions.  Diabetes is another common disease that is killing people around the world! It’s caused by excess sugars in the body! Why not take honey or natural milk without preservatives. 

Today things are different; we eat a lot of unnecessary stuff that have caused us to become obese and sickly…what will become of us if we do not change?
In a nutshell, a healthy and happy lifestyle can cheat death.