Perspectives of homosexuality

We used to hear about it and wonder; now it is here with us what is our response to it, this ‘strange thing’, homosexuality?

We used to hear about it and wonder; now it is here with us what is our response to it, this ‘strange thing’, homosexuality?

Many societies have had different reactions to the whole issue of homosexuality, some rejected, some accepted and even some have legalized it in their governments and churches.

It is very common and acceptable in many western countries but in Africa due to dominant cultural societies homosexuality could still be a nightmare and unacceptable.

The norms in some societies have resulted in its rejection, for instance Alice Nturo a 24-year-old Nutritionist at Kimironko says that the original plan of God for mankind concurs with the society’s decision for individuals of opposite sex to live together.

“The behavior is not good especially, when it comes to appreciating our culture and the true identity given to us by God.”

“Our culture requires that a man and wife stay together happily in wedlock and mainly for procreation,” Nturo said.
On the other hand, Epaphrodite Niyomwungeli, a 26-year-old student at Kigali Institute of Education said that marriage is an institution that is best known in the society for the purpose of reproduction

“Homosexuality goes against the norm of the society of procreation which is also in harmony with God’s plan to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth,” Niyomwungeli said.

He argues that Rwanda’s society also holds on to very important moral values that are very crucial in nurturing the young.

“By accepting homosexuality, it will be a disregard and disgrace of morality,” he said.

However, VD Frank, a musician, argues that society should learn to accommodate the choices and needs of each individual because one man’s meat is another man’s poison.
According to VD Frank, “any society should first find out the course of this behavior instead of condemning individuals involved in it. What gives me happiness is not what gives you the same happiness and so society should not be quick in making conclusions they should first find out why.”

Zachary Mbugua, an Administrative Assistant at Mount Kenya University, begs to defer. She asserts that, “the issue of homosexuality erodes our societal values that are very important in our moral growth; an introduction of this unacceptable behavior would mean a deviation from our perfect norm.”