Society Debate: Is it okay for women to propose to men?

That is gender equalityI love this topic because it truly does suit our current world. This world that we live in has undergone many changes.

That is gender equality
I love this topic because it truly does suit our current world. This world that we live in has undergone many changes.

If my great grandfather was to come back today (I believe it’s possible but I would be very afraid at the sight of him), he would not believe what he would see. 

There have been so many changes in global economic, political and social settings compared to 50 years ago.  Many people are calling what we are seeing today a social revolution of the 21st century.

Is it okay for women to also propose to men? Why not? There is this new wave that is sweeping across the world called gender equality. By gender equality, women are empowered to do what men can do. It simply means that women are availed with the same opportunities as men whether it be economic, political or social.

Equality means that women can drive cars, build houses, become breadwinners of their families and also do what I am advocating for today—propose to slow men.

This means that women can initiate the direction of a relationship, take a guy out, sometimes foot the dinner bills and when she becomes impatient, go on her knees and say, “Innocent, will you marry me?” Wow, just imagine such a moment! I have the free choice to say yes or no!

This is what I call gender equality. If we aim at making these women of today as equal as men, then we should empower them to also to do all things that men can do.
Imagine a world where a woman proposes to a man! What kind of free world would this be? Very free...right?

Women usually complain that men do not know what they want! They say that men employ delaying tactics yet they do not know that they are wasting their time. The same women say that they wish there was something that they could do to make men get serious and become objective!

Now this would be the golden opportunity for these women to show men how good they are.

Someone will argue that this is not right by our cultures; however, culture is a diverse belief that changes everyday.  If the women of today can take care of their families and assume all responsibilities of a man, why can’t she also propose to a guy that she really wants to marry?

This will help solve the common problems that we see where women claim that a certain guy has wasted her precious time and many other complaints that women who want to get married have! Wait a minute, did I say get married?

Yes I did! You see some girls spend a lot of time without getting married claiming that no man has ever proposed to them! 

In a nutshell, as we are championing gender equality, we should look at all components of this belief. Empowering women is letting them do everything a man can do including proposing to the guy that she really wants to spend the rest of her life with! 

I am waiting for that girl to come to me and say; “Innocent, will you marry me?” You can guess the answer that I will give her! Women, just say it to the man that you love. It is okay.