These days, men in bright colours are hot

Whoever said pink and yellow was for women only is probably now wondering what he missed.

Whoever said pink and yellow was for women only is probably now wondering what he missed.

Times have changed people. Gone are the days when men wore only what were believed to be masculine colours. These days, men are braver and are venturing into more feminine colours.

I have to admit that pink is a really girly colour but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing it. I understand that these days pink is the new blue! If co-ordinated with the right colours, you could be a stunner. The most important thing is to know your complexion and what it goes best with.

Darker coloured guys would look best with a really light pink. Just light enough to tell you that the colour is indeed pink. Put that t-shirt on with a great pair of denim jeans and you’ll be good to go. Or you could try the pink tie on a black suit for cooperate functions.

However, we must be very careful with this colour because it is not something you can wear every day. Wearing it occasionally is good because it is a special colour. Do not attempt to wear pink trousers, though. That will not only be a fashion disaster but the end of you too!

Pink trousers for men just shouldn’t happen. The same goes for shoes. Shirts and ties are easy to pull off which is why they should be the only pink garments in your closet.

Yellow is a pretty colour too, though some men avoid it.
It lightens you up and lifts up your spirit because of its brightness. You could make it the colour you wear on those days when you wake up and the morning is so beautiful you could cry. Nothing could break your great mood on such a morning.

Forget the blues and reds and blacks. Black is a lovely colour but wearing it alone can be dull sometimes. Throw on a peach tie and you’ll see how lovely it looks. Do not ignore the colours you think are too feminine. 

No one is telling you to go out and get a whole closet of pink, yellow, peach or orange. Just buy a few shirts or ties that will come in handy on those days when you feel you have the world in the palm of your hand.

If your complexion is really light then even hot pink would look really hot on you. Trust me, I saw this guy once while I was at the bank and he was wearing this hot pink shirt with a navy tie and trousers. It was the hottest thing I’d seen since Usher wore sneakers with a suit!

Some styles are best left for the bold so if you really do not feel comfortable experimenting with colours then don’t. Remember, the brighter shades look best on lighter people. No offence meant, but hot pink on an extremely dark guy is a disaster like no other.

Other shades you can try out are lavender, aqua and lilac. They are such peaceful and pretty colours. Try not to stick to the usual white, cream and maroon.  It gets boring!