Animal print is back in style whether in clothes, accessories and even in decor. This stylish trend can really spice up your home décor. If the pattern and texture are well coordinated they can create an earthy and exotic motif.
Animal print bedroom
Animal print bedroom

Animal print is back in style whether in clothes, accessories and even in decor. This stylish trend can really spice up your home décor. If the pattern and texture are well coordinated they can create an earthy and exotic motif.

Can tigers, cheetahs and leopards all roam together in one room? Absolutely, now people are mixing bold animal prints all together because they are earthy, masculine and timeless.

I have visited quite a number of beach hotels, and for many years most hotels preferred decorating with animal print, and most especially the hotels in the game reserves to give the visitors that safari feel . I remember a few years ago when I visited Serena Kilaguni in Kenya, I spotted some animal print decor and one would get the feeling that they are seated next to the leopard, cheetah or the zebra, by just looking at the breath taking decor.

Animal Print is possibly the most interesting and fun decorating for the adventurous soul. Even the faint at heart can enjoy the lighter side of this wonderful design style. It can be wild or tame, exaggerated or subdued, and still give the look that all homeowners want. Something unique.

No matter what your basic style in home furnishings, this decor can add touches that truly speak to you and your guests. Decorating with animal print is both new and very popular, and older than the oldest civilizations. Ever notice how classical things keep reappearing? From exotic animal skins hung on the walls of the palaces of ancient kings, to animal skins used for clothing back in the Stone Age, animal print is here to stay. You cannot go wrong with these wonderful accents of animal prints.

From art, furniture, bedding, accessories, rugs, statues, or figurines, there are endless sources for this fun and sophisticated decorating merchandise. Decorating with animal print can be the one thing that will make your decor stand out from any other that you have ever used in your home.

Whether used as accents, or the main theme in a space, the results are striking! There is no wrong way to do it. Unless you go really wild, and even then, the look is yours alone. No two people are going to go about this the same way. When you decorate with animal print, every look will have its own distinction!

Elephants and antelopes, and gazelles and other creatures! All have their place in this terrific decorating trend. One of the home décor trends that has spanned several eons is that of decorating with animal prints. Decorating with animal prints allows you to bring the wild into your home by incorporating zebra prints, giraffe, cheetah or leopard.

Decorating with animal print is not new. Its popularity has peaked and subsided. A new interest in decorating with animal prints has emerged. It can be characterized by a tropical feel with some accents or an onslaught of animals. Animal print decorating depicts the animals of the jungle, the flowers and the trees of the jungle.

Accessories are prominent when talking about animal print decorating. The reason is that they translate better in smaller proportion. Framed print sets of any jungle animal, such as giraffes and zebras, are popular. The prints can be black and white for simple lines or in colour to become a focal point.

Lamps can be detailed in many ways to continue this decorating style. The base can be a leopard print while the shade is black or conversely the base can be black while the shade is a leopard print. Either way it is eye-catching. Other accents include faux fur throw, bamboo trees, zebra shower curtains, animal statues, greenery, and tiger print room divider and zebra or leopard pillows.

Area rugs are another popular way to express animal print decorating. Rugs can be as subtle as in a tropical trace or as fierce as an untamed tiger. The traditional animal prints of zebra, giraffes, and leopards are available and are classic.

Take for example an exquisite area rug depicts zebras against a red background. The contract is outstanding. Softer muted mural with palm trees are also popular. There are also rugs aimed for children, example would be the hide and seek kids rug that shows partially hidden animals in a lush forest.

Decorating with animal prints has returned as a hot trend for 2010. Accents, furniture and area rugs can transform a home décor from boring into exotic and refined. There are so many different approaches that it can be achieved by all. Animal magnetism has never looked so good.