Would you pay Rwf50,000 to watch a local artiste?

That is simply impossibleI am trying to go over this in my head wondering if there is a possibility I may pay that kind of money to watch a local singer and it is simply impossible.

That is simply impossible
I am trying to go over this in my head wondering if there is a possibility I may pay that kind of money to watch a local singer and it is simply impossible.

It’s not about being stingy or lack of interest in supporting your country men because there’s so many ways we do that without paying that kind of money to watch them sing three songs!

Seriously speaking, how do I dish out 50,000 to go watch an artist whose music I probably listen to everyday on the radio and will most likely bump into at a night club somewhere?

There’s plenty more I could do with that money like shopping for instance or a full body wax even!
I don’t mean to be disrespectful but there’s not much they can do that we haven’t seen before so unless it is for charity, I just don’t see how I can be that extravagant.

Yes, that is just wasting money really. After enjoying a couple of songs and watching that artist jump up and down that stage, what next?

For the ones who had to squeeze their budget, so many things you now realize went amiss! Like the lighting and how he never even sang the song you like best. The show was supposed to start at 7pm sharp but a bunch of insignificant curtain raisers flooded the stage for a painful 4 hours instead.

By the time the main guy came on you couldn’t be bothered. I’m not exaggerating. These shows, especially the local ones always turn out with enough problems than can be stomached. Why pay my hard earned cash for such disappointment?

It’s good to be optimistic but when things go wrong almost all the time, is there anything left to feel optimistic about? I’d rather cuddle up in my very comfortable sofa at home, with a good book and some potato chips listening to their sweet music on the radio…free of charge!

We hear more often than not of shows going horribly wrong or poorly organized. Sometimes the weather messes everything up and has people cursing all the way back to their homes. To make matters worse there is no hope for some sort of refund when that happens.

The pickpockets loitering around the place are another problem. If you’re not worried about your headlights being stolen, you are clinging onto your purse with every ounce of energy you have.  In all honesty that is just spending too much money on unnecessary stress!

Sometimes the excitement alone can be a problem. Being surrounded by a bunch of hyper kids whose idea of fun is throwing plastic cups and banana munchies at each other is not exactly what I’d have in mind when I’m paying for my ticket.

If the chances of me running into my favorite local artist are not so slim and every radio station is playing his\her music then what is the fuss all about?

I mean it’s not like I’ll be missing out on Beyonce or Michael Jackson! What’s the possibility that I’ll be running into them as compared to, say...Rafiki? Again, no disrespect, just wondering.