Ideal interiors : Get a dresser to add flavour in your bedroom décor

I am in Mombasa as am writing this article and visiting one of my old friends whom we date back since our days in primary school through secondary, college and now as mothers.

I am in Mombasa as am writing this article and visiting one of my old friends whom we date back since our days in primary school through secondary, college and now as mothers.

Sitting in her bedroom, as we prepare to go out for a ladies’ night over the weekend, I notice a very beautiful vintage dresser which was handed down to her from her grandmother, who was also given it by her grandmother, meaning this piece of furniture has been in her family for over six generations.

This piece of vintage furniture is so unique and holds so many memories for my dear friend. Sitting in that room, I realized there was nothing really special in it, but that vintage dresser added something of elegance in that room that was hard not to notice.

When decorating your master bedroom, keep in mind that less is more if you want to create a space that is inviting, and that is where there dressers come in handy.

First decide what the theme or tone of your dresser top will be. It should blend with the rest of the room to create a unified effect. For example, if you have used a certain decor theme throughout your bedroom, it might be best to include those ideas for your dresser accents. These could take the form of a lamp shade, scarf or runner to protect the dresser's surface from getting scratched, or a few decorator bottles or collectibles.

When you've chosen your theme, next decide the type of covering, if any, to use. Do you want a scarf that evenly hides the entire surface of the dresser? Or do you prefer a rectangular shape that runs the length of the surface and drapes evenly over both ends? You may even want one or more circular or square-shaped doilies as focal centres for the top of your chest. These can be hand-knit or crocheted, or you can buy some made of polyester or other durable fabric.

Some people set personal things of great meaning on their dressers. These might include a music box, a jewellery box, or a photo of long-dead parents or grandparents as well as those of children or spouse. A carefully preserved figurine or a collector's item, such as a plate or doll, might likewise grace this area.

Grooming items for a quick fix-up could number a brush or comb, hand mirror, cosmetics, and scent. A nail clipper or a glass for drinking water late at night might also find a place here. A detachable dental bridge or false teeth could sit in their overnight container at this location, along with hair combs or a headband.

Hand rings, earrings, or a casual necklace or bracelet could be laid on the surface temporarily and put away when cleaning up. Face or hand creams can also be well arranged at the dresser top.

Practical possessions that are displayed on the dresser typically include keys, loose change, a purse, the current read, notes, receipts, and an accessory item for the next day's wear, such as a pair of earrings or chain. A clock or wristwatch might lie among the many items of note.

Even though dresser tops can quickly become cluttered and confusing, most people clean them off and tidy them up when company is expected or during the weakly cleaning. The wood will be dusted and polished, and the cover will be washed and perhaps even starched.

This area should be attractive and functional to maximize its potential in the bedroom. Your dresser top can become a centre of attention rather than an embarrassment of chaos, depending on one’s ability to arrange it to make it the centre of attraction.