Time Management


Time management is when someone plans his or her time in order to avoid crises caused by having too much to do, and poor preparation. Sometimes people understand time management differently but this is an aspect that deserves attention and should be applied by every human being to enable them to carry out their plans successfully.
Poor planning leads to failure in life. For example; one may prepare for a business activity, then forget about transportation of the goods from the manufacturer. Consequently, when time comes one is forced to meet challenges that would have been avoided had he or she managed his or her time well. This gets in the way of success. 
Time management helps people to set priorities, so that they can overcome any negative consequences in life.
 When one practices time management, it helps in achieving a vision and purpose since the greatest gift given to mankind is vision but not sight. This calls for people not to misuse their vision by making poor plans.
 Most people encounter difficulties in their lives and do not know where they originate. Yet it’s all about failure to plan their time well. We should all change our attitudes towards time management; when we strive to become better than we are today, everything around us improves, as well.

The author is a student at Sonrise High School