I love flowers whether fresh or dried. A few weeks ago as I was trying to put things in place in my small office, I thought something was amiss- I checked everything, and all was in place.

I love flowers whether fresh or dried. A few weeks ago as I was trying to put things in place in my small office, I thought something was amiss- I checked everything, and all was in place.

The following day when I was opening my office very early in the morning, I realised that every time I opened the door, there was nothing to welcome me to my office, and so an idea to have flowers on my desk was born.

Life is not easy and I must confess is very expensive; getting fresh flowers every day to be delivered to my office proved very expensive and I decided to get beautiful dried ones which can last me a year or two.

Flowers can enliven a decoration or an ornament. They can ignite inspiration and give serenity to the troubled mind. When used as decorations or ornaments in themselves, flowers radiate beauty. But, they soon wilt and die.

Nevertheless, the glamour of flowers as decorations and ornaments extend to the end of their life spans. Yes. Dried flowers can be used for decorative purposes, too.

Moreover, they are just as beautiful and cost-effective as their fresh counterparts. Flowers that have been dried are good-to-go for year-round floral arrangements. When you preserve flowers, you do not only recycle natural materials. More important, you enjoy the marvel of a wide range of flowers whether they’re in or out of season.

You can easily have dehydrated flowers either by hanging them or placing them in a box of desiccant to better preserve the blossoms

The idea of decorating with dried flowers is still new here but in other countries it is almost normal to enter homes or even offices decorated with dried flowers, in fact people who trade in dried flowers make very good business because dried flowers sometimes cost more than fresh flowers- because they are bought after a long period of time.

One can also decide to try and dry their own flowers to save some money; the basic rule for drying is that the moisture in the flower should be removed without rotting it.
There are various methods of drying the flowers:
Hanging: in this method one needs to hang flowers in a well ventilated, dark spot, for about a week, by tying the flowers in a bundle and hanging them upside down.

Sand Drying: in this method one needs to fill the flower with sand by placing it in a box of sand, stem upside down for a week. The most important thing to be remembered is that the sand should not have any moisture. The advantage of this method is you can retain the cup shape of the flower.

Air tight containers: this method is very useful for bulky headed flowers. Just place the flowers in the container, close it and keep it for a week to ten days.

There are various things that can be done to decorate with the help of dried flowers:-
You can decorate a photograph, a wedding invitation card; highlight a poem, photos or pieces of literature.

This is certainly a unique way of adding style to your interiors. It must be remembered that when dried flowers are used, the arrangement needs creativity and the illumination on the same should be just right.

Dried flowers are as wonderful as the fresh flowers and they also help add beauty to your home. We all know that flowers are pleasant and are always good to look at.

They simply bring joy. Flowers are really good decorations at home, in the office, or even in schools. Dried flowers or not, they just bring happiness to anyone who could see it. It makes people realize how nice flowers are.


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