The issue of ‘sugar parents’

You are probably wondering why I say sugar parents. No reason other than finding a general name for them both.

You are probably wondering why I say sugar parents. No reason other than finding a general name for them both.

No parent in their right mind would want to see their teenager in the arms of a person old enough to be their mum or dad.

The most common are the sugar daddies. These are every parent’s nightmare especially if you have a daughter who craves for life down the fabulous lane! The second she finishes school and is free like a bird at campus your heart is literally all over the place every second of every day!

Sugar daddies are known to lurk around university hostels waiting for their prey. For a guy with lots of money and willing to spend it, the prey is easier to catch.

Young girls get confused with what’s really important in life and since their parents can’t provide what they think are basic needs, they turn elsewhere. Home theatres, plasma screens, cars, expensive trips to the saloon and boutiques are some of these girls basic needs.

You will see these girls holding the most exquisite of phones and driving cars that you only see on television.  Her only worry is her broken acrylic nail and how soon lectures will end so she can go have it fixed.

What these kids do not understand is that all this stuff comes at a price. A price I’m certain they do not want to pay. I heard that there is no such thing as something for nothing. When it comes to these predators that is so true.

It is an investment that he is sure you will pay back with the exact enthusiasm he used. If the girl can’t deliver when payback time comes, things can get ugly. And we all know that there’s only one thing these guys want.

Sexual favors are usually on the other side of the bargaining chip.

Most of these ‘sugar parents’ are married and most likely have kids your age which is even more disturbing. These are the very guys who would kill another man if he so much as even looked at his daughter. And that’s okay but even the boys her age are not supposed to mess with her.

Then there are those that have been carrying around all sorts of diseases just looking for young girls to pass them on to. They will give them everything because he knows he’s dying and he’s wealth won’t be going with him so spending it on a desperate girl is the way forward.

He will promise her Heaven and everything in it. And to be perfectly honest they do usually get the Heaven because they leave the earth much earlier than planned!

It might not even be the man bringing the girl to her end but the wife. We hear of acid attacks all the time and all I can say if an evil woman is desperate to keep her man that girl’s face will soon be re-modeled!

These kids have their whole lives ahead of them. For them to just perish like that is so sad. What can be done to completely eradicate this problem is still a mystery.

Honestly, this whole sugar mama-sugar daddy business is not something that is going away any time soon. You best believe that as long as these men and women have the will, the way will always be there.

Girls and boys in schools all over the world are getting educated on this issue. Campaigns have been set up with the youth marching in protest for the older people to leave them alone.

That is great but the problem is not all of them are on this trail. With worldly things just getting better and guys just getting richer, the only thing that can work is divine intervention.

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