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Most schools have closed now or would be closing for holidays after the term examination. When in school, children remain busy whole day.  Filling the days during holidays becomes puzzling for many. 

Most schools have closed now or would be closing for holidays after the term examination. When in school, children remain busy whole day.

Filling the days during holidays becomes puzzling for many.  This is more so in case of adolescents and teenagers who study in high school or higher classes.

Schools close to give the students and teacher time to recuperate from the stressful monotonous daily routine.  It is also one opportunity where students can improve on their studies and other skills.

Studies should be the first priority for students in higher classes as that is the sole objective for their admission in good educational institutions.

They can form a time table and study regularly and revise their subjects. Emphasis should be more on the subjects in which they are weak.

But one cannot study all the time because it is human nature to seek change. Mostly one resorts to electronic entertainment for a change. This includes watching T.V., video and computer games and surfing internet.

They are O.K. for a short time but none of these provide the much needed stimulus for development of mind and body. These are all passive past times. One can spoil his/her eyesight also by spending much time with them.

What a growing youngster needs is activities which aid in development of intellect and physical stamina.

Reading actively from text books or internet, revising it and preparing one’s own notes is something which shall help one to understand the subject better and retain it in their memory.

This will be definitely useful for next examinations or interviews later in life. For a change, a youngster can also read some good classics. Reading good literature helps one to understand contemporary social issues and history and better understanding of human nature.

One also spontaneously   improves his command over the language in which the classic book is. Language is a medium of expression for any individual. Thus a better grasp over language is always beneficial.

In leisure time, a student can also make efforts to improve his concentration and memory, which will always be useful to him in later life. Memorizing a passage and then writing it, doing mental calculations are some of the measures which can help achieve this.

There are many needy and unfortunate people in this world.  Youngsters can reach out to them in their free time and see their problems.

They can teach the underprivileged children, pass   their old books and stationary to them. Thus they can contribute towards making the society a better one.

Music and dance are other useful creative activities which keep one refreshed both mentally and physically.
Holidays also provide one the opportunity to improve the physical stamina and keep good health. Following a healthy routine of sleeping early and getting up early is useful in this regard.

A person should indulge in regular physical   exercise   like walking, swimming, e.t.c. to improve the body’s stamina and keep it healthy. Vigorous games like foot-ball, volley ball, e.t.c are refreshing and help in improving physical stamina and also team spirit and camaraderie. Therefore evenings can be spent in playing any of these games. Activities like gardening, household cleaning, e.t.c  are equally refreshing and also help in improving physical fitness.

While at school, a student may not get to eat food of his/her choice. Therefore at home some of them tend to gorge themselves with food which they like and which is mostly fast food. Holiday time should be used to improve one’s food habits and that implies learning to eat more vegetables, fruits and other nutritious food items.

If one has started taking alcohol or smoking in school, he should quit this habit at the earliest because it is damaging to the pocket and body both.

Concept of dating among teenagers started from the western world and has fast spread to other parts also. But any sensible teenager should know that it is a waste of time. Student life is a time for forming one’s   career and improving personality.

In no way it should be whiled away in meaningless frivolous activities. One can get ample time for dating girls later on, but time for studying and scoring well does not return.
A sensible student is the one who makes best use of his holidays in healthy entertainment and self improvement.

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