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Society Debate: Should the Bill be Split?

Why not? We all work!What I’m about to say is totally beneficial to the women who believe that they can handle an independent life.

Why not? We all work!
What I’m about to say is totally beneficial to the women who believe that they can handle an independent life.

 So if you think that you’d rather live on a silver spoon from the man in your life than work yourself to independence and self satisfaction, I beg you to stop reading now and switch to the right immediately! Gone? Good. I can now start.

Let’s start from the genesis of this whole idea of guys having to pay the bill while on a date.

In the past, few women used to work. Instead, they would stick around at home knitting clothes and cleaning utensils; that means that few of them had money. So if a guy noticed some girl, he would ask her out and since he is the one with the money, he would definitely be expected to foot the bill.

However, things have changed. As many women as men have jobs now. Unfortunately, the issue of men having to pay the whole bill on dates has become an unfair tradition.

Those days, it was criminal for a woman to ask a guy out on. Look around now; it’s no longer a rule. Women ask guys out now! They are no longer shy to check a guy out, like him and then ask him out on a date. If something as important as that has changed, why don’t we start sharing bills?

A friend of mine (names withheld without request), shared with me an escapade he had with a young and gorgeous lady, a media relations officer of some company.

My friend narrates that while he and miss gorgeous were on a date at a five star restaurant, she ordered for the most expensive food on the menu. However, when the food arrived, she toyed around it and only ate 10% of it. When he asked her why she wasn’t eating, she said that she had suddenly lost appetite. Wow!

When my friend suggested that they split the bill, she was as shocked acting as if hit by a thunderbolt.

When I asked him why he had asked her to share the bill, he said that although he doesn’t enjoy gluttons who stuff food in the mouth with both their hands, he enjoys the company of a woman who has an appetite. Generally, he wasn’t willing to spend on someone who just wastes his money.

People keep talking about women emancipation, equal rights and independence; however, if women keep expecting men to pay through their noses all the time, this freedom is going down the drain.

Here is the verdict for men: If she insists on paying or at least splitting it, then you’ve got an independent woman. If she lets you pay sometimes and other times get her half, then you have someone slightly traditional but still able to take care of herself. If she lets you pay every time without giving it a second though, then she is not after you but the dollar.


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