It was the other dayWhile my eyes were watched the skyAs I fixed the family dinnerMy mind caught in the thinkingTrying to put a smile on each faceThere you dropped into my heart

It was the other day
While my eyes were watched the sky
As I fixed the family dinner
My mind caught in the thinking
Trying to put a smile on each face
There you dropped into my heart

Your light skin tender like furnished wood
Voice softer like desert rain
Glowing eyes like the Sahara sun
The tourch like a fairlys wand
You stuck me way too far

I always though I was hard to like
Wished to have someone like you
With so many thoughts in my mind
Horrible I looked but not in your eyes

Making my life your happiness
Filling my heart with your sweetness
Knowing that you like me
Relaxing the thoughts that I have
Looking beyond my physical appearance
This is why I never forgot you


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