Healthy Living : Enjoy heathly soups to keep flu at bay

Soup, is a pleasant food that is made by combining ingredients like meat, vegetables and beans in stock or hot/boiling water. Traditionally, soups are classified into, clear soups and thick soups.

Soup, is a pleasant food that is made by combining ingredients like meat, vegetables and beans in stock or hot/boiling water. Traditionally, soups are classified into, clear soups and thick soups.

In our chaotic modern urban lives, we have forgotten so many excellent traditional techniques for making highly nutritious and delicious foods, soup, being one of them.

Soup is surely the queen of foods. Soup fortifies the body, soothes sore throats, clears clogged airways, fights off colds, and builds strong bones. It nourishes and comforts the body.

In the present scenario, the recipes for healthy soups have reached the top hot list of cookery shows. There are innumerable types of healthy soup recipes that act as fabulous sources for the intake of green leafy veggies and other beneficial food products like soy.

These days’ when kids are not interested in eating green vegetables, these nutritious soups acts as a major substitute in providing the essential nutrients that the body requires. Apart from just being delicious, it provides concentrated nutrition in a bowl, what more will a parent need?

Soups  helps a great deal when one has flu, it has been known for years that onion soup is very good for chasing away flu by decongesting the chest and also relieve sinus. There are different types of soups depending on one’s favourite choice;

Oxtail soup

This is my favourite soup at all times. This type of soup is best prepared naturally. Meaning it is tastier when is plain boiled, the only added thing should be salt and pepper if one prefers it. Oxtail has its own unique taste.

It should be taken when it is very hot with mild pepper in it to help with flu or a congested chest. It can also be accompanied by salted bread. This soup is very awakening in the morning for people who suffer from hangovers in the morning after one too many.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable broth soup is healthier and easy to make and is tastier than any other soup you can buy from the supermarkets. Vegetable soup usually includes all types of vegetables that one can think of. Onions, tomatoes, carrots and even spinach.

This soup is very rich and is good for children who do not like eating full vegetables and people with weight issues.

Mushroom soup

My mother loves her mushroom soup every Saturday morning accompanied with garlic bread that I prepare for her.

Mushroom soup can be prepared either fresh from the market, or one can easily buy a packet of mushroom soup from a supermarket. Unlike the oxtail soup which takes hours to prepare, this soup is easy to prepare.

Onion soup

This is the best soup when it comes to keeping flu at bay. The compound responsible for the deluge of tears, sulphur, also aids in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels and, by default, diabetic heart disease. Research shows that as little as two servings of onions a week have showed decreased chances to develop colon cancer.

Pumpkin soup

This soup is very good for babies. All my children have grown well by including this soup in their menu. Pumpkin soup can be accompanied by whole wheat bread. It can also be mixed by green vegetables to make it tastier.

On Saturday morning after a late night, or any other day that one is free and relaxing at home, any of these soups can be a very good late breakfast if accompanied by whole wheat bread or garlic bread, after which you can take a walk in the neighbourhood.

The soups are easy to prepare, delicious and very nutritious- prepare for your family and give them the nutritional value they deserve. Children who grow up taking these fresh soups become healthy and very strong, include any of these soups in your daily menu and you will never regret it.


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