Beauty : 10 Must have’s in a woman’s bag

Last Saturday as I was attempting to clean and de-clutter my bag, I loved the more my big hand bags, which make many of my friends, wonder why I like carrying around such huge bags.

Last Saturday as I was attempting to clean and de-clutter my bag, I loved the more my big hand bags, which make many of my friends, wonder why I like carrying around such huge bags.

My bag carries almost everything from the thread and needle, to safety pins, a match box even though am not a smoker, lip gloss and even a pair of scissors, umbrella...just name it!

There were so many things that most probably if I remove them from the bag, my load will be a lot lighter - but I could not bring myself to put away those things so I returned them to my hand bag and felt very good.

Handbags are like a woman’s silent and agreeing servant, carrying around the much needed items of our daily lives. Where would we be without them? Lost, I’m sure. They are extensions of our bodies, attached at the shoulder or the forearm.

Just as men have their tool boxes of mysterious contents that most of us women don’t understand, women’s handbags are, in a sense, tool boxes for us; its contents probably just as mysterious to our male counterparts and probably put fear into the hearts of many
Most women carry many different things, and everything under the sun can be found in a woman’s purse. People may joke about it, but they always thank a woman when she pulls out that one unsuspecting much needed item, because every item in a woman’s bag is always useful.

Women are different, but I looked at a few things that my bag cannot do without and so should the bag of any sophisticated woman;

1. Umbrella- (Obviously one of those compact umbrellas that can fit anywhere) you never know when the rain may come. The weatherman may be wrong one day. So, instead of just clouds, there may be clouds and rain. You don’t want to be caught in the rain with no umbrella especially in the morning going into work with wet clothes and hair.

2. Hair items (mini comb or brush and ponytail holder): Just in case you do get caught in some rain without your trusty umbrella. Just sweep your hair up into a ponytail so you can still look some what presentable.

3. Hand Sanitizer- Ladies and gentlemen! This little item should be your best friend. This is a must especially these days with swine flu knocking on everyone’s doors. Hand sanitizer is very much needed for those who use public transportation to get to work or who work in an environment where you are interacting with customers on a daily basis (in a retail environment or something similar).

Then there are those public restrooms that don’t have soap in the dispensers. Whenever you don’t have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer is your best bet.

4. Pen/small notepad- You may have a business idea, or a short grocery list, to-do list. You may need to write down something you don’t want to forget, when you have your pen and a note pad, you will surely loose no data anywhere anytime!

5. Paracetamol- You can get a small pack of Efferalgan or Doliprane. These two pain killers work wonders for me, whether it’s that acute head ache in the morning, or when am not just feeling alright, one tablet in a glass of water does the work!

6. Gum/Mints- Garlic or Onion lunch? Hot date or happy hour meeting after work? You always want to have something on hand. Or maybe for that co-worker who likes to talk a bit too close to your face and is unaware of how tart his/her breath is, offer one by being polite of course!

7. Mirror/Makeup kit- Mini clamshell mirror to do a quick touch up on the hair and make up when you get un expected call for a meeting or business lunch, check your eyes, teeth, nose and brush on some make up on the face before  heading to the place, can add some little freshness in your general appearance.

8. Good book/magazine- My mother says that I started reading before I went to school, so this is one item that I never miss no matter how full my bag is. Even though I have plenty of magazines and books in my office, I still carry one in my hand bag, just in case I get to wait for an appointment for long.

9. Big scarf/kitenge cloth – Like any other African woman, a it is abomination to leave the house without my piece of kitenge just in case that white skirt or beautiful pink linen pants get  soiled without your knowledge or help that sister having the baby on the way.   It does not matter whether the sun is up on a morning; my warm scarf is a must carry, it comes handy in the chilly evenings since I leave my office late.

10. Feminine Products- I don’t think much is needed to say here. Since am far from menopause i always make sure to carry at least one tampon or sanitary napkin for myself or any sister who may be caught one day without one.

It does not matter how big or small a lady’s bag is- some of the essentials should not miss, at whatever cost.


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