Is cyber flirting cheating?

No way! If it is indeed cheating, what will happen when I actually meet this girl in a motel? Will we excessively cheat, over cheat, what? I am lost!

No way!

If it is indeed cheating, what will happen when I actually meet this girl in a motel? Will we excessively cheat, over cheat, what? I am lost!

Where do we draw the line… and who draws it anyway? The fact that we are debating about this, already makes one strong point; cyber flirting is not as outright wrong as sexual infidelity!

Have you ever found two people debating whether sex outside of marriage is cheating? If you have, perhaps it was at the mental institution in Ndera. I wonder what they would be saying… “Well, I slept with her but in some context, I am very faithful!” Pure madness!

Sexual intercourse outside marriage is the ultimate defining line, the one that, once crossed, forever identifies you as part of the unfaithful? Other than that, you’re safe!

Flirting on the internet, moreover with someone you might never meet is more or less talking with a machine. I don’t expect my girlfriend to start throwing tantrums around just because I sent a wink emoticon to a girl, just like she shouldn’t expect me to get jealous when she swoons over those guys in TV soaps.

The idea that language has the ability to bond two people together and be close, even without seeing or touching each other, is just amazing. Being in a relationship or marriage doesn’t keep one from getting attracted to other people.

A relationship is not some kind of prison where a person has eyes for only one person. We are bound to appreciate beauty and character, seek opposite sex friendships as long as we observe responsibilities to our partners.

When you chat with a friend over the net, you don’t want to bore them. If you want to intrigue them, you must be adventurous and humorous.

Imagine a girl wants to know what you think about her big brown eyes, and because you’re afraid of your girlfriend, you start weather and economics talk. OK! You may impress your mate but trust me; you will never find a meaningful chat with any other girl. You alone can tell how fun that is.

As a matter of fact, do you know that some stray guy at work keeps asking your girl out for lunch? The guy might be obviously interested in her, and because she, just like everybody else enjoys some amount of attention, won’t turn down his advances.

The fact that two people can meet physically and flirt live over candles and slow music, is just too tempting. In her head she knows that sex is out of the equation, but she may keep playing along every line he makes.

To me, although that is closer to sexual infidelity than the weirdest flirt on the internet, it is definitely not cheating!
The day she catches you telling a cyber girl in Malaysia that her lips are nice, tell her to take it easy and keep her tantrums for the day she finds you on top of another girl, actually cheating!


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