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Walking into a bank recently, I felt so welcome and what took me by surprise was how well the reception area was decorated. Long gone are the days when the banking halls were bare halls and very scary. People working there were so serious and rarely would they offer a smile.

Walking into a bank recently, I felt so welcome and what took me by surprise was how well the reception area was decorated. Long gone are the days when the banking halls were bare halls and very scary. People working there were so serious and rarely would they offer a smile.

It now seems like the order of the day, banks and other traditional companies are rebranding themselves and redecorating their offices, banks are neatly decorated and one can even hear some soft music in the background, how amazing!

The few companies which are not investing in their image today will tell you how badly it is affecting them. Talking to a friend recently she told me that she redecorated her reception area and it worked wonders for her company.

Usually the reception area of an office determines the first impression a business makes on clients, vendors and visitors. Various design elements such as colour, materials, layout and branding can make a statement about the values of your company.

It is now time to ensure that your reception area sends the right message by taking the time to thoroughly plan each detail of this important aspect of your office space since it operates as a practical area, controlling access, the flow of people and deliveries and providing an initial example of a company’s efficiency.

The reception area must include everything that a company is and wants to be, all at once carefully craft this area to be functional, professional and stylish to satisfy everyone who comes to the company.


Just as with any room in the home, the color choice for the office or workplace will be of utmost importance. The office colors should reflect your business. If the business is a design business, a dance studio or something creative, consider bright colors like orange, yellow or even bright pink.

However, if the business is a traditional office setting such as a law office, a doctor’s office or bank, neutral colors such as taupe, cream or a light blue or green would be more appropriate. Some companies though prefer to paint the reception areas in their corporate colours.


The reception desk should be at all times very neat and clean. The type of a desk that one places on the reception desk is largely determined by the office space and of course how much money the company wants to spend.

One of the most popular options in reception seating is the use of leather reception chairs for the clients.  These beautiful chairs tell your clients that you value them, as well as their comfort and you want to offer them only the best. 

This is one of the best choices you can make in terms of reception furniture selection, yet it is certainly not your only option.  For those who are interested in upholstery there are even more opportunities for you to select exactly what you want, just in a different style.

Most people know that chairs for reception areas tend to be abused due to the amount of usage.  This can often lead to numerous pieces of broken furniture in your reception area. 

Yet there is a better way to handle this situation, purchasing high quality pieces means you are handling breakages less and less until you finally notice that there is no reason to schedule a repair call because nothing has been broken in a very long time.

From hotel reception furniture, tables and chairs to beauty reception furniture, there are so many different businesses that rely on a well presented reception area to help impress clients.  Using your reception area to your maximum benefit is very important.

Without the ability to really portray yourself as important, you are going to be unable to convince clients that they should really work with you.  A well presented reception area shows that you are professional and creates a lasting impression on people.

Office art

Greet your clients and other visitors with colorful and inspirational artwork. Choose from a variety of framed motivational prints that will brighten your reception–area walls and put your visitors in a positive mood

Literature racks

Keep magazines and other reading materials neat, yet prominently displayed in a literature rack. Choose from free–standing, wall–mounted, or table–top models in plastic or metal in a variety of sizes. Fill the racks with promotional literature about your company; guests who are waiting are a captive audience


Having music playing softly throughout your reception area creates a soothing environment for your visitors. Micro stereo systems have CD and cassette players, AM/FM receivers, and are often wall mountable for unobtrusive placement. Many of these compact models are programmable for ease of use and can be controlled with a remote.

You need to always ensure that your reception area looks its best, after all this is one of the first locations in your business that people see.  Your office may be hidden behind numerous patient rooms or conference rooms, but your reception area is open and viewable to the public.  Ensuring that everyone is satisfied, comfortable and impressed are always important considerations


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