IDEAL INTERIORS : Change Of Style? Use African Décor!

African themed decorating offers a great variety of styles and motifs to draw on. Your look can be clean and contemporary, or incorporate a full-blown jungle paradise.

African themed decorating offers a great variety of styles and motifs to draw on. Your look can be clean and contemporary, or incorporate a full-blown jungle paradise.

Whether you are inspired by or feel a connection to the rich African cultures, want to feature some beautiful souvenirs you picked up on your last vacation, or just like to introduce rich and exotic styles into your decorating, an African theme home decor can make a bold and beautiful statement.

Rwandese culture is among the richest culture still alive to day. We have baskets; mats, pots and everything else that make our culture stand out and unique. Our country has won severally in the recent past in the Berlin festivals because of the way our Rwanda stand has been decorated over the years that we have participated in this event. So it was not shocking watching a Brazilian soap opera one day, when I noticed that one of the houses featured in the series; had some Rwandan artifacts and I could not help but be very proud of my mother land.

It has now become common to see African themed décor in many homes, even in the western countries. Sometimes change is good for the heart, if one feels like changing the theme of their house-then go the African way, as we look at how we can decorate our homes in our African themes.
African inspired bedroom

Earth tones are primarily featured in African decor, from the very neutral tans and creams, to the deep, rich greens, blues, rust, dark reds, oranges and gold’s. For a more subdued look, use a neutral beige for your base and add colors in your accessories, perhaps stencil a colorful wall border in rich jewel tones to add a splash of color.

If you want a more powerful look, paint your walls the color of golden sunsets or rich green foliage. Add some black as an accent color to ground the room.

Give the room an exotic feel with dramatic lighting that provides a warm glow to go with your exotic decor. Hurricane lamps are great accent lighting in an African room, as well as unique Moroccan lamps that are hand-crafted and unlike lamps found anywhere else in the world. Candles also make a great light source for African-themed rooms. Get candles with colors and designs that reflect your decor and group them together in clusters. For maximum effect, place them in front of a mirror.

Add some plush pillows and throw blankets with animal skin graphics and your new African theme decor will be as comfortable as the look;

African inspired living room

If the walls of your living room are already painted a neutral color, adding an African theme is as simple as buying an African inspired wallpaper border.

You can find bold graphic African print borders which will really transform a room and turn it into an African themed retreat. When painting your walls to enhance the African theme, think in terms of sunlit gold, soft tans, and golden oranges

If you can afford it, furnish your room with hand carved, natural wood African furniture. Instead of a couch, choose a woven bench or a special sisal bench. These pieces add an authentic look and feel to an African themed room. Add some African wooden barrel stools and African long leg wooden tables to play up the complete theme. If authentic, these pieces can be excellent investments and will last a lifetime

African wall hangings

African artwork is a must in an African-themed home, from paintings to tribal masks for the wall, to intricately carved statues of animals or people. Objects such as drums, clay cooking vessels, woven baskets and plants also make a great addition to African decor. Motifs that feature animals are particularly striking, or use animal-print throws.

Incorporate wool or cotton African prints in your furniture cushions, throw pillows and window treatments.

To add interest, you can always add more over time. Sometimes having few, higher quality pieces that really make a statement are best for creating an African theme.


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