Should Development Trumple upon Environmental Protection

“Today’s environment is depleting so fast that within the next generation the environment will deplete on totally,” Komal Tanna, an environmentarist states.

“Today’s environment is depleting so fast that within the next generation the environment will deplete on totally,” Komal Tanna, an environmentarist states.

Sad that Tanna’s statement is so realistic if we considered the rate at which the environment is being destroyed at the hand of development.

With in the near future, we shall only live to tell that there has ever been lakes, rivers or even forests. Like we only learn about dinosaurs, even other animals on planet earth and in Rwanda will be history if development is given priority over environment.

How I admire to be in a tranquil place with a beautiful breeze, but it’s all gone. Gone to pollution from factories, gone to all the wrecked noises from hooting cars. How I wish there would ever be  a city, that is built without having to tamper with the environment at all.

I am really a fun of the Gorilla naming ceremony I am only wondering whether these beautiful primates will still exist in the next 30 years, following the rate at which infrastructure is earning priority in the rural areas.

Well, I don’t desire a behind lagging Rwanda, one where bark cloths and forests identify the place but what I am advocating for is a country where effects to the environment are considered before any developmental activities take place.

When the government put a ban on polythene paper, life almost came to a standstill.Polythene bags of course had multi purpose advantages to business as well as residents but, toxic to the environment.

Well, the ban turned out an indeed wise decision, as Rwanda is perfectly clean, other cities like Kampala suffer consequences of polythene bags. Now, the polythene paper approach should take the lead while Rwanda tackles environmental matters.

Yes, cars can never be banned, but how about seeking a solution for totally exhausted cars which only pollute our environment? Of course healthy problems can arise if we continuously inhale such toxins.

There is much that the government can do in order to preserve the environment without hurting development at all. For instance, burning tobacco could save millions who smoke passively and as well conserve the environment from the cigarette butts.

Not to mention is preserving and planting more and more trees. It’s saddening that there some areas where they don’t believe yet in replacing a tree once they cut one. But if you ever went through Nyungwe, felt the cold breeze and appreciated the beautiful nature, certainly you would opt for planting more and more trees.

Perhaps field tours can also help preserve mother environment.

Meanwhile, I keep wondering whether there is even a future generation to be incase the environment is continuously degraded! Global warming, volcano eruptions and earth quakes should show us how terrible it can get if the environment is tampered with.

Anyway, all we need is staunch environmentarists, ones who can make and defend decisions tampering with the environment. If only we knew that it’s the environment and it’s natural features that earn the country fortunes.

No one will ever visit Rwanda to see beautiful infrastructure but thousands come in to visit the Gorrillas, see the a thousand hills and natural game parks.

So why not add effort in preserving our dear source of wealth, environment? Anything can be ignored but environment shouldn’t. Be it lakes, rivers, forests or trees, they determine a bigger percentage of healthy living as well as economic growth.

We should all stand up for one cause which is environment conservation.

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