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Children born outside marriage: they deserve fair treatment

Being born with the ‘bastard’ tag comes with a lot of auspicious circumstances. The situation worsens when the father of the child dies.

In most cases they don’t get a share of the inheritance. They are usually considered outcasts in some cultures yet they are born the usual way with no uniqueness. I happened to interview people to get their say on the matter.

 The children produced outside marriage have equal rights like those within the marriage as long as they have the same blood ties with the one of the parent.  If not respected, it’s child abuse. 

Marriage is about making vows and I don’t see how it can affect the children. If the man gets children outside marriage they have equal rights like those within the marriage since they are also children and not outcasts

It’s true that children outside marriage are underrated in society but it was not their fault that they were produced in that kind of scenario. They have rights too.

Children are innocent creatures that matrimonial problems should affect their wellbeing. It’s people with evil deeds that don’t consider children outside marriage when distributing inheritance.

But that’s total madness, all children are children regardless the kind of status they were born. Society has to respect and value children without segregation since they are the future generation.

According to Islam all children have rights to their parent’s property regardless of marital status. The fact that the child is yours doesn’t matter whether you’re married to its mother or not, you’re responsible and have to cater for its wellbeing.


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