Beauty: Going to church on easter? Dress the part

If there is anything I abhor when in church praying, is someone who enters the church and attracts the attention of the entire congregation for all the wrong reasons.

If there is anything I abhor when in church praying, is someone who enters the church and attracts the attention of the entire congregation for all the wrong reasons.

Many a times I wonder what some people think. I am ashamed to say that the worst dressers in church are women.

Some women go to church dressing the part; others go to church dressed as if they are on a fashion parade!

These are the same people who are supposed to emulate good examples to their children, but end up confusing their own children in the long run. So I ask what is wrong with dressing decently?

When a person comes into the House of God they shouldn’t dress provocatively.

Seriously, we all know dress codes and know what to wear where, but still go ahead and wear the most embarrassing clothes in church.

Dressing the part when going to church starts at an early age, if parents let their daughters go to church dressed in skin tight leggings and tang tops, then these children will see nothing wrong wearing the same to church when they are adults, after all they have worn the same before why not now.

My twelve year old daughter knows better when it comes to choosing what to wear on a Sunday, I make sure that she goes to the church in decent clothing, and I put that into her head that it is very wrong to go to the house of God dressed provocatively and draw all the attention to yourself while people are supposed to be praying.

My mother is one tough African woman who made sure that she had to inspect what we were wearing when going to church, one time she gave away my favorite Sunday best because she though the skirt was too tight and short- I cried for almost a week, but at the end of the tear drops I knew what was expected of me and I do the same to my children.

Not because I want to dictate to them, but a child has to be guided and told that everything has a limit, and so it is even when it comes to dressing.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a married woman from a single girl, because some dress badly and I wonder why their spouses cannot advise them accordingly.

As much as today’s woman want to look eighteen at the age of sixty with petite figures and all, they should not forget to dress according to their age group.

This Easter I want to see more women dressed decently, below are some few tips on what to dress just in case you are lost in the fashion world.

Decide what you’re most comfortable wearing.

Let your outfit emphasize the celebratory occasion. Easter is a great time to wear those freshly-starched linen pants, floral skirts, or patent leather shoes you bought at a sale.

Take advantage of the opportunity to don your lavish duds, especially if it is rare that you have the opportunity to dress up.

Avoid wearing low-cut shirts, short skirts and sleeveless clothing. Modesty is typically the best policy for Sunday services.

If you cannot settle on any decent stylish dress, then go for the African attires or the traditional mushanana and look elegant!

Select accessories (jewelry, scarves and ties) that tie your outfit together without being too flashy or gaudy.

During Easter the Sunday readings are usually very long, so standing in high heels can be very uncomfortable. In this case flat shoes are recommended.

A clutch bag is always an all time bag. To look sophisticated carry a clutch this Sunday when going to church

Necklaces and earrings are getting bigger by the day, the bigger they get the better, but make sure they go well with your outfit to avoid looking like a clown

Try your best to look smart this Easter. Do not overdress nor under dress, remember that every occasion has its dressing code – and more so should one be decent when going to Gods house.

If you don’t want to look out of place, wear business casual and go with the quorum. Otherwise spoil yourself and dress nicely but decently, have a fashionable Easter this year!


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