Have your say: Will the abolishing of single sex schools curb Homosexuality among youth?

Homosexuality is having romantic, sexual attraction with members of the same sex. Lesbian is to Women as Gay is to Men.

Homosexuality is having romantic, sexual attraction with members of the same sex. Lesbian is to Women as Gay is to Men.

The Youth are targeted by the Homosexual Associations since they are vulnerable and very naive about most sexual relationships of life.

Single sex schools have become bases of recruiting and training Homosexuals since the environment favours such acts.

Homosexual Associations seek for legal rights such as marriage and civil unions, parenting, adoption and much more like the normal marriages.

Some role models in society have come up and declared that they are Homosexuals.

British singer Sir Elton John claimed that ‘’Jesus was a gay Lord’’ during an interview with a US magazine. Some felt this statement was total blasphemy and quite misleading.

Sexuality is a sensitive issue therefore the Youth need to be fully sensitised about the different sexual relations and their impact.

It’s on these grounds that I interviewed different people to get their views on whether single sex schools should be scrapped in order to curb Homosexuality.

Abolishing single sex schools would help in curbing homosexuality because there will be total exposure to the opposite sex if the schools are mixed. This will lead to normal intimate relationships.

Closing of single (sex) schools won’t help in curbing Homosexuality but denouncing the acts and publicly punishing the promoters of such unhealthy relationships could be more effective.

Closure of single (sex) schools can’t do away or avoid Homosexuality in the Youth because there are several Gay Associations that recruit people so the best would be tracking down the Associations.

Homosexuality is a character developed anywhere regardless of the environment so closure of Single Schools will not help at all.

There is a mechanism and chemistry between people of such sexuality so schools are not to be blamed.

Definitely closing down of single sex schools will not reduce Homosexuality but other matters should be considered such as the main promoters of sexual abuse such as Pornography. Also measures are needed to curb the social vice.

What is your say?


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