You will agree with me that it’s been very hot of late and anyone you meet is complaining of the heat whether it’s at night or during the day.

You will agree with me that it’s been very hot of late and anyone you meet is complaining of the heat whether it’s at night or during the day.

Global warming is catching up with us, but one thing I have realized is that as much as people are complaining about the heat, they are doing nothing to relieve themselves of the discomfort in terms of dressing the part. 

For plus people like myself, it can get worse than already is because walking in this scorching sun can get very nasty if you are not in proper clothing.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I see people wearing wool suits in this heat.

While suits makes a person look professional, casual summer dresses allows one to look effortlessly stylish whilst you are working during the hot season.

Many people who are working in offices are in limbo on how to dress when the weather is like this, because they are afraid to look too casual for the office.

Don’t be afraid of trying out, so let’s find out what we can wear without having to break the rules.


Shed off the usual layers that you are used to. Instead get lighter and brighter clothes to keep you comfortable during this hot season.

Smart casual in this case applies, since most companies have rules when it comes to dressing code, without breaking the rules you can try out the few stylish comfortable designs for the office to suit the weather.

Ladies beautiful sleeveless printed dresses or blouses should be well designed so that you don’t look too bare for the office environment.

Men on the other hand can try their hands on smart casual short sleeved shirts.


As much you try to beat the weather make sure you wear shoes that are not too casual neither are they all closed because of the heat.

For women Peep toe, or open wedge shoes are very ideal for this weather since most people tend to sweat on their feet, thus making the feet smelly.

For men Open flat shoes are recommended for a weekend, but for office wear make sure to have at least a pair or two of genuine leather shoes and cotton socks otherwise this heat can embarrass you.

Beat the weather and style up in smart casual, these clothes can be found in any of the clothes shops in town and are affordable.

Once you replenish your wardrobe for the season, remember not to throw away your other clothes, for am sure you will need them in the near future once the rains start again.


What I love about handbags, is that they are all season, any bag can do any time of the year.

Big bags still rock and the good thing is that it can be carried anywhere, whether one is going to the office or out during the weekend.

Ladies- big bag is a must have for you if you have none get one for yourself.


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