Italian restaurant, a must visit

Italian Restaurant is situated on the Airport Road in Remera, few meters before Chez Lando.

Italian Restaurant is situated on the Airport Road in Remera, few meters before Chez Lando.

It is eye-catching, with candlelight diners served on the large outdoor terrace.

The restaurant represents a great achievement in every sense; the quality of the food served, well trained waiters and waitresses, quick services and customer care is very satisfactory.

There is no sense of cynical self-promotion about the place. This is a real restaurant, not a novelty, and it provides the best meal.

Ingredients used in food preparations are local, free of any possible complications that can come along with imported rations.

 The food is wonderfully prepared and tastes exquisitely. I had a pasta dish with Roquefort and mushrooms while my friend had a pizza.

 The portions were of perfect size to fill us up but still we’re offered the irresistible dessert.

The dessert, a cooked apple with chocolate, is a new offer on the menu.

The prices are fairly reasonable, with the main courses less than Frw9, 000 plus our bill drinks was less than Frw20, 000 each.

When you talk about the crowd in this restaurant, it mainly tourists, especially whites because of a very good environment with trees everywhere.

 Rwandans, too, frequent the restaurant but they are mostly middle class because they can afford.

The restaurant is famous for its healthy prepared pizza. It prepares 57 types of pizzas like Diavola made of tomatoes, cheese, spicy salam; Marghenta composed of tomatoes, origan and cheese, Calzone, vegetarian, Beatrice and many others.
Diavola is preferred because of its spicy salam. The prices for a pizza vary from Frw3, 000 to 9000 depending on the type you want.

The restaurant serves well prepared coffee like Espresso at Frw1, 000, Cappuccino (Frw1, 500) and chocolate coffee; They also serve ice tea which is also on high demand because of its cheap and very refreshing.

This restaurant is also prepares pleasant milk shakes, at Frw1, 800. There are different types of milkshake flavour like mango, vanilla and fragola on offer.

The restaurant is also famed for its delicious spaghetti and good salads, for which you will pay Frw2200. They also have various types of ice cream and cocktails. Prices range from Frw3, 500 to 6,000. The restaurant opens from mid-day and closes at midnight.

 “This place is always packed but we don’t prepare buffet apart from that,” he explained.

The restaurant has a branch in town, Mangaroca Club located around Rubagura building, which prepares buffet at Frw2, 200.
Dionigi, the restaurant’s manager, is determined to make real quality Italian food using this local produces, with the menu constantly changing as new machines and techniques are availed. Dionigi said that clients are attracted to restaurant because of their specially prepared spicy salami.


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