Tips for bartenders

For any bartending job, tips are the lifeblood which enable surviving the bar scene. You need to have many skills in order to be a successful one.

For any bartending job, tips are the lifeblood which enable surviving the bar scene. You need to have many skills in order to be a successful one.

Being a person who handles the bar tools and liquor bottles to amuse the guests, surviving the bar scene begins with being friendly to all, staying healthy and not drinking too much.

Not forgetting that customer service is the most important aspect of bartending in that it helps raise your income by way of tips. Here are some of the tips a bartender has to keep in mind;

I. Attitude: A bad attitude after an insult from a customer wouldn’t do any good; instead, a bartender has to treat every customer fairly. A friendly smile and greeting does the trick.

II. Keep your bar clean:  This is one point that can put the bartender and her employer at loggerheads if she or he is not convincingly clean. A clean one uses clean towels to wipe down the bar top, and disposes off empty glasses, wrappers, napkins, and garbage regularly. Thus, making a good impression!

III. Offering Suggestions: If any of your guests finds it hard to choose from the cocktail menu, you can offer a suggestion. It is also advisable to inform about that day’s drink specials to the guests.

IV. Very Good Memory: One of the most important skills of bartending is good memory. He or she should have the capacity to retain multiple drink orders and keep a busy bar under control. Also, it is important to remember the names of regular guests along with the drinks they prefer.

V. Prediction: Something worth knowing is everything about your bar because prediction of the needs of the bar is paramount so that everything goes on smoothly. You need to be aware of the drinks, stock of ice or lemons and other items that keep the joint running.

VI. Treat every customer the same: Quite commonly, most bartenders like giving special treatment to some of the guests, but it should be avoided. Be fair in treating everyone who comes to your bar. In a way, it is also advisable to avoid deep conversion with a group of people and neglect the rest of the bar.

VII. Honesty: Is an essential trait for the successful operation of the bar; both to your guests and the authorities. Overcharging and under reporting can be noticed quickly and can bring you bad reputation.

Learning bartending tricks can be a great way to make smart money and to get free drinks. Becoming a bartender lets you enjoy so many other benefits which include working in your spare time, around other commitments.

You can either select a fulltime job at a bar or hire out your activities part time for weddings, parties or other events.  With this, a glorious opportunity of meeting diverse groups of people comes along, together with the freedom to work anywhere.

Lest you forget that becoming a bartender not only increases your confidence, but also helps you improve on your problem solving skills. So why not become a better one who makes her employer say she or he is the best he has ever had. Why not?


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