When saving turns to day dreaming

Saving, in monetary terms is sparing part of one’s income for future use, according to the Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Saving, in monetary terms is sparing part of one’s income for future use, according to the Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

We basically consider saving as one of the pillars of economic development. Most people wish to be part of  this recommended practice but with the success especially with the arrival of the infamous global economic crisis.

Take a quick glance at the old times when things were low-priced and money was earned without much toil. Saving was possible then because spending was under control.

But, everything turned about and nowadays more earning means more spending and less or no saving.

The year 2009 is about history now but the void yet to be covered up in the expenditure you were exposed to in its last days- I mean in the festival season.

Many people became prey to debts in order to color up their big days, and the time to pay has come. Saving in such situation will call for much devotion or even remain nightmare.

You probably acquired a long term loan to pay off another mortgage, cater for a pressurizing wedding bill or go for a surgery abroad.

Clearing this loan will need sacrificing big part of your monthly salary plus wages. Saving part of the surplus will barely be possible however much you try it.

One’s responsibilities can also deny the person priority over saving. If one is obliged to cater for a large extended family with various domestic demands ranging from petty to life-size, the person may hardly save a penny for their future.

And, sparing some money sounds more of a tale to many parents when the start of an academic year is around corner.

From school fees to books and beddings, all parents become stressed raising quick money in spite of the income difference in the lot.

Here, we also consider the fact that children need the upholding during their days at school.

Spending isn’t just about the young kids by the way. Even the big ‘Honey’ needs ‘maintenance’ in the name of love.

Victims of this outlay are mostly the young couples trying to impress the other party with lavish gifts like trips to Hawaii, posh cars on birthdays and many more.

This group can hardly save a penny for the next day in spite of their financial stands.

Saving individual income may involve the collective effort of the entire populace through the government. I will blame this one on the unfounded taxes on personal property, hiking prices and many undesirable expenses. These reduce the individual net income and saving hard or not to its best.

I may sound a bit illogical if I mention bad luck under this theme, but we witness this in day to day life.  Perhaps, saving came first in your 2009 New Year’s resolutions but didn’t live to it because; you got a long illness, were discontinued from work or your house was brought to the ground by authorities for law and order.

This was not only about you carelessness but something superstitious may have been behind the scenarios-ill luck.


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