The culture of saving

Oh! This reminds me of when I was ten years old back in Nairobi where we used to have the jumbo junior savings ‘account’.

Oh! This reminds me of when I was ten years old back in Nairobi where we used to have the jumbo junior savings ‘account’.

It sounds hilarious but the small elephant case proved to be a lifesaver especially when we were in dyer need of sweets.

I used to collect every sort of coin and drop in the case, whether it were as little as fifty cents, from anywhere in the house (even under my mom’s bed).

Today, the saving culture seems to be fading though banks like BCR are offering saving options right from the young ones to the ageing.

The hype of saving is not as it were yesterday. Is it because the world has changed today and the economic crunch made many to start cashing in their lifetime savings?

Saving comes in sorts of ways ranging from how to save in a shop to how to save at home.

Sincerely, there are some expenses we endure everyday that we think are not removing anything like chunks from our budget.

Take a look at airtime, a card is only five hundred Francs. Thus, it is not surprising to find yourself buying one card after another and at the end of the day a whooping two thousand or more is gone.

My strategy towards that is to buy airtime to spend for the whole day or so and to limit one’s calls. How I wish wholesale buying could be applied everywhere in everything we spend on, but the eye-catching offers at the supermarket always keeps us at bay.

In the end, who is to blame? Towards the end of a rather tough year after undergoing all the hefty work so as to save something, such awesome offers pop up from all firms.

Looking at each of these offers like reduced prices for a cupboard you have always wished to have right there in your living room or a Toyota Ipsum (ideal for a family of six plus) will give many a reason to smile.

The now basic point of saving is to beat these offers at the end of a year by not just staring and wishing something were yours but by physically acquiring that something you have been wishing and toiling hard for.

Nothing is as easy as that, man! Boy oh boy, have I been wishing to tell you folks to always dream big, toil and hustle stress-free day and night, restrict yourself during shopping spending sprees (always go with a list), and lastly, make saving easy at the end of the day by throwing in your last coin or note in your pocket into your savings small case that you can’t easily open to remove anything no matter how big the temptation.

At the end of a month take your savings to the bank and when years go by and time comes in for you to throw in the towel at your workplace, you already own a fortune!


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