How will you celebrate Christmas?

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated world wide, Rwanda is no exception. Here’s how Rwandans will celebrate their Christmas.

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated world wide, Rwanda is no exception. Here’s how Rwandans will celebrate their Christmas.

“I can’t imagine that Christmas is just next week—I’ve been quite busy. I’ll definitely celebrate it with my family.”  Dr. Jean d’Arc Mujawamariya, Minister of Gender and Family Promotion in Rwanda.

“I’ll be busy on Christmas Eve night. I’ll probably fix a little time to feast with my friends and family later in the day.” James Gwiza, a.k.a DJ Focus is one of Kigali’s hottest deejays.

“I’ve already started preparing myself for Christmas; I will celebrate it with my family and friends. I’ll go to Church and get back home for the celebration. I also plan to give Christmas to the deprived people at my Church in Kicukiro, so they can also rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.”  Epiphanie Nyirabarame, Rwanda’s top female marathon record holder and participant in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

“This Christmas seems a disaster for me. I’m in serious financial deficit. But anyway, I’ll go to Church and thank God for having protected me. And if Mr. Luck smiles on me, I’ll share dinner with my friends at Papyrus and probably head to La Planet discotheque.”  Robins Mukunzi, a.k.a Mr. Bean, Radio 10 presenter

‘I started my leave yesterday and will resume work on 24. That means I’ll not be able to celebrate Christmas because I’ll be on duty. Anyway, I’ll try to balance my time between work and family. I also have several events to attend, including weddings—basically I won’t get enough time to celebrate the season with my family.” Evelyn Umurerwa, news anchor and presenter with Rwanda Television (RTV).


“I’m planning to travel to Kampala with my friends on December 23.We shall celebrate Christmas at Lido Beach in Entebbe [Uganda].”  Kitty Amanda, an upcoming RnB artist.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to celebrate Christmas like I would wish. I’m scheduled to perform on Meddie’s album launch on December 24th.After the launch; I’ll take my girlfriend out, to a quiet -romantic place. I want to discuss the way forward for our relationship and propose marriage.” Ziggy 55, a local musician, and a foreman in The Brothers music group.

“I’ve already decorated my house with a beautiful Christmas tree and vibrant decorations—I’ve also bought Christmas gifts for my kids and their friends. On the night of 24th, I’ll invite my friends and their kids for dinner at my house. On 25th and I the kids shall visit relatives in Kimironko. On Boxing Day, we {the kids and I} shall travel to Madrid- Spain for a holiday, we shall return early next year.”   Jolie Murenzi, actress and the Director of the Art Department at Rwanda Cinema Centre.


‘I’ll celebrate Christmas with my family. We shall go to Church in the morning, and come home for lunch. Later in the evening, we shall travel out of Kigali, preferably to Changugu.” Nshuti Clarisse, Miss Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).


“Wow! I can’t believe Christmas is just a week away. I’ve not yet planned for we are still busy with a tennis tournament. I’ll definitely celebrate it with my family and friends.” Aime Karim Nkusi, Player and Assistant Captain of APR basketball team

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