Churches set for Christmas

As we get ready for the Birth of Jesus Christ, many have thoroughly prepared for the day.

While mothers plan on what kind of food to serve their families, churches also have spiritual food in store for the community.
Pastor Paul Gitwaza, Senior pastor at Zion Temple Church says the church will have special Christmas celebrations. Celebrating will be based on sharing and reaching out to the needy.

On the 25th {Christmas} Zion Temple will share a special lunch at church especially for the poor and the street children. After lunch, the church will visit poor families and provide essential needs like cloths, soap and tooth paste.

Pastor Sam Mugisha from Saint Ethien of Anglican Church {Kigali parish}, says the church will have Christmas carols on Christmas Eve. On Christmas st.Ethien will conduct special baptism and confirmation ceremonies.

“The ultimate aim is letting Rwandans welcome Jesus in their lives and begin the New Year as new creations,” said Mugisha.
 African New Life Church reports to have already started Christmas activities depending on the value the church attaches to Christmas.

New Life started the celebrations last Sunday with children’s day celebrations. On Sunday, the women group will reach out to the disadvantaged children. The Christmas day service in New Life Church will feature giving gifts to street children.

 Christian Life Assembly [CLA] will have a candlelit service on the 24th where they will be sharing stories and different presentations from people.

On Christmas they will have a great sermon on the birth of Jesus Christ and the message to all Rwandans will be to apply the Birth of Jesus Christ in their lives since he is the savior of human kind.       

The Restoration Church in Rwanda has prepared nothing special according to Bishop Joshua Masasu, the President of Restoration Churches in Rwanda.

“We shall have general services like always. The only exclusive part will be the drama,” he says.

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