Overcome stress through proper diet

A well balanced, nutrient rich diet is essential for health and stress reduction.

A well balanced, nutrient rich diet is essential for health and stress reduction.

Simple adjustments to a person’s diet can immediately reduce the effects of stress, which in turn will give him more energy, become stronger, and more resistant to disease.

Foods rich in fiber -fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, increase serotonin a mood enhancing hormone in the brain, naturally reducing the effects of stress.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables often. They are not only higher in vitamins and minerals than cooked foods; they also contain natural stress reducing compounds called flavonoids.

Low fat dairy and yogurt are recommended because they are high in calcium and magnesium elements that have proved to reduce stress by relaxing muscle fibers.

It is worth to mention, Just like a vehicle needs proper fuel and maintenance to perform properly, so does the human body.

Over time, abuse and neglect can lead to a wide range of problems and eventual breakdown. Stress has the same effect on the body, over time if untreated, can lead to life threatening illnesses like heart disease and cancer. 

Avoid foods and drinks that are filled with stimulants like caffeine which tax the nervous and immune system.

Chocolate, coffee, and most teas should only be used in moderation.

Sugar is another food that can trigger stress because it causes rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Sugars are hidden in many foods under names like dextrose and sucrose.

As much as possible avoid packaged meals and snacks that contain artificial colors, flavors, additives, and preservatives.

These chemicals are hard on the body because they are not recognized as natural, therefore the body responds defensively to them, straining the immune system.


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