Why I cherish being Miss Rwanda

As they await the Grand Final selection for Miss Rwanda 2009/2010, scheduled on December 18, some of the qualifiers can’t wait to take the crown.They speak about their inspiration to contest.

As they await the Grand Final selection for Miss Rwanda 2009/2010, scheduled on December 18, some of the qualifiers can’t wait to take the crown.
They speak about their inspiration to contest.

Contestant number 1
“I believe that I have the potential to represent Rwanda at the international level in all aspects. That’s why I took the contest.”
Michele Iradukunda
Western province
A 1st year student at the National University of Rwanda-Arts,  Media & Social Sciences

Contestant number 2
“I was dying to make a change in the country’s development. When I become Miss Rwanda, I will ensure zero tolerance to corruption and initiate programs to develop the needy.”

Winnie Uwanyuze
Eastern Province
2nd year student at UNATEK
studying Eco-Gestion

Contestant number 3
“Because of the effects of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, there are very many vulnerable groups in the country, I look forward to developing them when I become Miss Rwanda.”

Karine Rusaro Utamuliza
Southern Province
3rd year student at the National University of Rwanda-Biology

Contestant number 4
“I chose to contest for Miss Rwanda because I’m patriotic. I have the potential to become a good ambassador for my country overseas.”

Winnie Ngamije
Kigali City
4th year student in KIST-computer engineering and IT

Contestant number 5
“Being a model pushed me into the contest. I want to develop my career as well as represent Rwanda worldwide. I will profile the country’s beauty in the region.”

Ritah Uwera
Kigali City
Graduated high school-Biology & Chemistry

Contestant number 6
“My modeling career and hate for genocide ideology inspired me to contest. As Miss Rwanda, I will fight against the genocide ideology”

Vanessa Liliane Umuhoza
Southern province
Graduated high school-Humanities

Contestant number 7
“I’ll be a good ambassador to my country, and will promote the culture, and gender equality.”

Géraldine Umutoni Karanganwa
Eastern Province

Graduated High School (E.S.I.R) Humanities & Sciences

Contestant number 8
“I will promote gender equality and sensitize girls to study, in order to be bale to create jobs for themselves, and not be dependant.”

Peace Umugwaneza
Northern Province
2nd year student at Tumba college of Technology-IT

Contestant number 9
Fiona Rudoneka

Kigali City
Belgium based Rwandan professional model.

Contestant number 10
“My dream has been becoming Miss Rwanda since I was a little kid.  I’m proud of my country (Rwanda) and it will be a pleasure to represent it.”

Grace Bahati
Southern Province
Student at Lycee de Kigali, senior six

Contestant number 11
“If I’m crowned Miss Rwanda, I’ll change the image of my country because the world still has a bad impression about Rwanda.”

Alice Kayumba Uwambaye
Kigali City
Student at College Adventist de Gitwe-computer science

Contestant number 12
“I want to profile my country, and communicate to the world that  Rwanda is different and beautiful.”

Annuarite Uwera
Northern Province
5th year student at ISAE Busogo-Crop Production

Contestant number 13
“Joining the contest was my own initiative to participate practically in the development of Rwanda. I will as well sensitise the youth against HIV/AIDS.”

Cynthia Rupari
Southern Province
4th year student at the National University of Rwanda-Economics & management


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