Did you know? Is the questionDiscovery, Is the answerEUREKA! A great man once said‘got you’ others sayBut do we know, The whole showDo we understand its real flowAs soon as they say go

Did you know? Is the question
Discovery, Is the answer
EUREKA! A great man once said
‘got you’ others say
But do we know, The whole show
Do we understand its real flow
As soon as they say go

Comes mentally, physically
Or even accidentally
But rarely miraculously
To many it is personality
To others responsibility
Some do it out of anxiety
But always comes with reality

Your mind changes drastically
And you might not do it willingly
But at the end it is lovely.
A lot of anxiety
Might be as heavy as a lorry
All because you are lonely
But after looking slowly
And thinking very carefully
Then will come the discovery
And then comes the glory.

Before, you are considered a beginner
Like they thought of Martin Luther
But as soon as you are founder
They will send many shooters
Who are actually killers.
You will meet many dealers
Who will hope for a failure
But I am not trying to scare
Or even trying to dare
But am hoping you’re the right player.











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