Kid’s Book Review

Title: Ineza marries the princess.Type: Fiction/ children’s literature.Publisher: UCWIA.Author: Steven G. Mugisha.

Title: Ineza marries the princess.
Type: Fiction/ children’s
Author: Steven G. Mugisha.

Ineza marries the Princess, is about Mr. Giraneza and his son Ineza. They lived in the village of Gasabo. It’s a tale of how Giraneza who was a very kind man by nature helped his neighbors and friends.

As the story continues to unfold, it shows how the king heard of the kindest man who lived in his kingdom. So he invited Giraneza to his palace.

While at the king’s palace Ineza met Princes Munezero and they became good friends. As a reward to Giraneza’s kindness the king promised him that when Ineza, his son grows up, he would marry the princess.

Unfortunately, Giranraza dies and he distributes part of his riches to the poor and the needy.

The moral uprightness and the kindness of Ineza’s father helped him to overcome challenges in his life.

The book is a great lesson to our present generation. From this simple story we learn that children are affected positively or negatively by what their parents do. 

Other moral lessons are that we should be kind and friendly because the friend you help today will help you tomorrow.


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