The bird that started fire

Long ago, there lived people who dried meat in the sun.

Long ago, there lived people who dried meat in the sun.

They thought how wonderful it would be to have a small sun to dry the meat better and keep them warm when the big sun set in the evening as it got cold.

They were only dreaming because such a thing would take power and magic, more than their most powerful magician possessed.

But, as the people discussed about what to be done, a tiny bird sang loudly in a tree above them. The people saw the bird with a very bright red tail that flapped even while it was sitting still.

An elder who could speak to animals asked, "What do you want, little bird?"

The bird replied: "Wise one, I do not want another but I bring what you and your people wish for. My tail has Fire. It is hot like the sun and will comfort you when the cold wind blows, cook and dry your meat, and give you light in the night when the sun is gone."

The elder cheerfully said, "Thank you, little bird. Please, bring me the fire that I can share it with the people."

With pity, the bird said: "It is not that easy to give you the fire."

"How hard is that?" The old man asked the bird.

"Let the people gather here in the morning to receive fire. But, tell each one to bring a dry branch with pine pitch on it," the bird answered and quickly flew away.

The elder told the People what the bird had said. He also said, "We should do what the bird says, for it will bring us much good fortune."

The following morning when the sun rose, all the people were gathered, each holding a branch. As they waited, a loud singing in the tree above told them the bird had appeared.

The bird talked to them in a voice that all could understand, saying: "The first to catch up to me will be given my fire. But, only if that person does what is right, has patience, and does not lose courage. Follow me!" the chase began.

To be continued

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