A Day at the Beach

In this story, is "palm tree", is "lighthouse", is "flamingos", is "ship", and is "clothes".

In this story, is "palm tree", is "lighthouse", is "flamingos", is "ship", and is "clothes".

It was a bright and sunny day and 8-year old Jack was much exited. Today, he was going out with his mom to the beach. Jack put on his and dashed down the stairs. He found his mom getting ready to go.

"Go get in the car, Jack!" His mom shouted. Jack ran outside and got in the car. His mom was right behind him. On the way to the beach, Jack and his mom passed by some flaminos. Jack really liked how the stood on one foot.

At the beach, Jack went and sat under a to hide from the sun. Jack could see a tall in front of him. He thought it was pretty cool.

All of a sudden, a noise came from the ocean. It was a . Jack left his stuff under a tree and went to get a closer look at the . Jack noticed that the wind started to pick up and the waves were really high.

At that very moment, water splashed all over Jack and he soon found himself running to the so he could get away from the water. Jack’s were soaked.

Jack’s mom came over to him with a towel. They both started laughing. What a great day at the beach!


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