Prophet Elisha raises a little boy

During the time Elisha was prophet in Israel, after the death of his master prophet Elijah.

During the time Elisha was prophet in Israel, after the death of his master prophet Elijah.

He traveled in many places, walking very long distances.

One day, when he had gone in one of his journeys, in a place called Shunem with his servant Gehazi; a certain rich woman saw him and noticed he was a man of God.

So she went a head and called him to have something to eat in her house.

He went a head and entred, and they had a good meal together. The woman showed a lot of care to prophet Elisha and his servant Gehazi.

After that, prophet Elijah continued coming to the woman’s home for something to eat, every time he went to Shunem. It went on like that. But one day the woman told her husband that, we should build a small house for this man of God, such that every time he comes, he can have some where to rest, which they did.

Prophet Elisha got so pleased by the woman’s kindness. He asked her what she wanted in her life, such that she can get it, the woman said she lacked nothing, because her family was meeting all her needs.

But Gehazi told prophet Elisha that the she was married for long time but had no child.

So prophet Elisha called her to his room, and told her that, at that time the coming year, she will be pregnant.

he woman replied; man of God why do you put my hopes high, do you mean that can happen to me! .The following year at around that time, the woman was pregnant, but Elijah and Gehazi had gone back.

When the time reached, the woman gave birth to a baby boy, and the entire family was very glad.

The child grew up well but one day, when he had gone with his father to the field, he developed an intense headache, and with in a short while, the boy died!

The woman wept bitterly and when she was calm, she decided to put the dead child in Elisha’s room and saddled her donkey to where prophet Elisha lived.

Prophet Elisha saw her from a distance, and instructed his servant Gehazi to go out and meet her but woman just continued where Elisha was and knelt down on his feet in grief.

Elisha realised that she was in troubled and asked her what the problem was. The woman said "Man of God did I ask you for a child, then why did you put my hopes high? My child is dead said the woman.

Prophet Elisha sent Gehazi to help the child but the woman insisted to go with Elisha and when prophet Elisha reached where the child was lying dead, he bowed down and touched his whole body, which slowly started getting warm.

After that, the child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes he had come back to life. His mother came in, and cried tears of joy when he saw his child a live.


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