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Voices of the devil mislead the international community

I WOULD like to express my disappointment over the recent media reports on the appointment of Maj.Gen Karenzi Karake by Rwanda to deputise the UN-AU hybrid force commander.

I WOULD like to express my disappointment over the recent media reports on the appointment of Maj.Gen Karenzi Karake by Rwanda to deputise the UN-AU hybrid force commander.

Gen.Karenzi Karake has held a number of appointments and rose to his current rank by merit on which his appointment to be deputy force commander AU-UN hybrid force was based.

We know that he is capable and credible and the government of Rwanda is credible too. Raising baseless accusations at the time of his appointment is a clear manifestation of malice, despair and frustration of the defeated forces.

It should be well understood that Rwanda’s participation in peace missions is not merely making a history or films but rather a moral obligation and commitment to protect innocent people.

The direct implication of the peace keeping is a continued struggle for human rights. Rwanda’s progress witnessed by the achievements registered since 1994 Genocide is self-evident that the country is on the right truck.

On the other hand however, any step forward drills a hard nail in the fore head of the so called opposition composed mainly of the militia -Interahamwe.

It should be remembered that the so called opposition for example INKINGI, whose hands are not clean at all poses only one single weapon to use against the current Rwanda government-PROPAGANDA, for all other forms of attempt by negative forces have been frustrated by the Rwanda government.

After successive failure to use force through the abortive fully fledged war organized in DR Congo (former Zaire) and the insurgence in the North of the country, they (militia) resorted to image tarnishing as their last resort strategy of war.

Who is credible? The Rwanda government? The so-called opposition?

We all know the role of the media in the contemporary world; the so-called opposition knows it better. Some of those (opposition) have been behind the negative media that propagated hate propaganda that fuelled the 1994 genocide.

We have come to learn that the principle objective of the disgruntled and the fugitives in the name of opposition for Rwanda government is discrediting the government.

 The channel has always been the media or through Decedents from Rwanda and biased countries who could be their mentors.
The recent shouting over the appointment of Gen. Karenzi Karake, reminded me of the funny judge Jean Louis. Bruguiere  mandat d’arret, the Ruzibiza circus  etc.

How are those events related? How credible are they? What are they for? How are they timely? to what?

To me, Rwanda defence forces (RDF) should be accredited the quality it bears, it doesn’t require media coverage for people from all walks of life to understand how Rwanda defence force stands in every state of affair including peace keeping operations.

I may not be surprised tomorrow, to hear that RDF in general committed severe human rights violations and hence should not participate in peace missions.

It is well on record that Rwanda leadership is committed to protection of human rights. The initiation of courts like Gacaca, the stripping off of the death penalty in a country  that is still trying  Genocide suspects etc. are not for appeasing the international community but to respect human rights.

In particular, RDF’s discipline is irreproachable whether at home (Rwanda) or abroad where it conducts its peace operations.

 The discipline and professionalism displayed by the RDF are not accidental or eventual but emanate from the quality of its leadership.

 The will, competence and commitment of RDF to support peace in troubled areas and save lives of the suffering should not just be compromised by baseless accusations to such a credible force.

It should be remembered that those shouting because of bad will, have nothing to offer to Rwanda or else where.

The International Community and organizations should therefore avoid falling in the logic of the so-called opposition groups of the Rwanda government whose hands are stained.

Failure to do that by the International Community will invite the saying “history repeats itself” where the killers used media prior to the Genocide only to mislead and confuse the community.

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