Good attitude key in wealth creation

When it comes to earning, saving and growing money, many people only think of factors such as hard work, assets, level of investment, e.t.c, but forget attitude. 

When it comes to earning, saving and growing money, many people only think of factors such as hard work, assets, level of investment, e.t.c, but forget attitude. 

In my thinking, attitude controls almost everything we do; it determines whether we do it well or poorly. If your attitude is wrong, you will most probably not succeed at anything. 

To me, attitude simply refers to the way we look at things. One can have a good or bad attitude. In this case, I am concerned with the negative attitudes we have to fight as well as the positive ones we have to build in order to manage our personal finances better and become wealthy. 

What’s your attitude towards manual work? Some people have failed to succeed in life because they underrate certain kinds of work that require physical energy, yet some human beings have to discover their route to success beginning with that kind of work. You want to grow wealthy, you have to sweat!

What’s your attitude towards the rich? For some people, every rich person they see around is either corrupt or a thief, a killer or a devil-worshipper. If you have such a faulty attitude, you cannot be motivated enough to work hard and get rich. 

What’s your attitude towards money? Do you consider it good or evil? Some people think money is evil and so they don’t put in enough efforts to attract it. Others consider it too good that they almost worship it as a god. Both attitudes are misleading. Let’s straighten our attitude towards money and wealth since these have the power to give us a good life and bless society.

What’s your attitude towards saving? Are you willing to make sacrifices and postpone gratification so as to save and invest for your future prosperity? There are people who shop from expensive places and spend all they have other than be seen buying cheap items. Well, they are just foolishly breaking their financial muscle.

What’s your attitude towards learning? Some people believe they completed education the moment they stepped out of school. How mistaken they are! Many of such people have had their potential locked by their deliberate refusal to open their minds to new ideas. Wealth results from ideas and so if our minds cannot generate new ideas, we should forget about becoming wealthy. The same old recycled traditional ideas can no longer work in the 21st century; we must learn new skills to generate new ideas. 

What’s your attitude towards people? People are part of the units of the chain that links us to our destiny, not a ladder to step on as we climb towards our destiny. A chain is something you can hold onto while a ladder is something you step on. If you’ve been stepping on people’s egos in the process of making money, think twice. You might not enjoy your wealth when you have people around cursing instead of celebrating with you.

What’s your attitude towards challenges? Many people will always look for someone else to blame for their problems instead of taking responsibility to deal with them. Well, my seven years in business have helped me discover that business is about solving problems. If you can solve a problem that society has, you have a reason to charge money. In simple terms, challenges are a business opportunity. If you develop a problem-solving attitude, then you have a sure source of money because you will not only solve your own problems, but the problems of others as well.

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