Pledges of RPF’s Manifesto 2003-2010

Chapter by chapter series The reasons for choosing and voting the RPF are based on the party’s demonstrated competencies and a good strategic agenda for all Rwandans.

Chapter by
chapter series

The reasons for choosing and voting the RPF are based on the party’s demonstrated competencies and a good strategic agenda for all Rwandans.

The RPF party has pledged to pay particular attention to the following four areas; Good leadership, Economic development, justice and social welfare.

Chapter 1: State Governance 
Rwanda in 1994 after the Genocide was desolate and deserted, after loosing over a million people.

Among those who survived, hundreds of thousands were widowed, orphaned or handicapped; others were traumatized as an effect either of surviving the horrific Genocide, or participating in it.

 Restoring all these people’s stability, mentally and otherwise was not an easy task.

Almost all Rwandans had been displaced from their property: some were in camps, others had been taken as ransom by the Genocide perpetrators; yet others who had been refugees in other countries for many years were returning home without anywhere to stay.

The defeated government army and the militias still had an intention of continuing the Genocide.

There were also others within who wanted revenge.
As a result of all that and others things we have not mentioned, the RPF party took it upon themselves the task of rehabilitation and building the nation a new.

1. Mobilization
True democracy is based on an informed populace. Past regimes seemed to deliberately keep the population in ignorance. However, the RPF believes the population needs to wake up and participate in leadership of their country.

That is why mobilization activities are of great importance. Given the current level of science and technologies, there is no better means of mass mobilization than the media and communication. 

That explains why the current leaders are always holding dialogue within an effort to ensure that the people can know what is going on within their country, and elsewhere.

In mobilization, the RPF party will emphasize the following:
-Consolidating national unity and reconciliation
-Promoting a mode of governance that gives the citizens a chance to participate in decision making.

-Encouraging the population to create jobs for themselves and fight poverty.

-Promoting sustainable dialogue between the citizens and their leadership in order to have a common understanding of the country’s problems, and how to solve them.

-Fighting illiteracy so that the people may understand the importance of promoting unity over conflict; know their rights; and corruption and nepotism be no more in Rwanda.

-The RPF party will continue to encourage Rwandans to love their country, to be proud to be Rwandans, and to contribute to nation-building and to sacrifice for their country.

In order for these ideas to reach the population, the RPF party pledges to use modern techniques in mass media and communications, emphasizing truth and nation building.

2. The media
The RPF party aims to put in place and support media that fights ignorance and that participates in nation-building; that emphasizes unity among Rwandans while publicizing the beauty and the good things about Rwanda.

In this area, the RPF set the following goals:
-To support media and communication associations and organizations

-To sign international conventions relating to the media, as well as adopting internal laws implementing them
-To promote dissemination of Rwandan news abroad, at least to Rwandan embassies all over the world
-Giving modern equipment to all communication and media organizations.

3. Foreign Relations
The RPF aims to build good foreign relations based on respect and cooperation, between Rwanda and other countries starting with neighbouring countries, to other African countries, and the other countries of the world. Such good foreign relations will help in solving problems as opposed to causing them, and promoting Rwanda’s interests instead of being a hindrance.

For the coming mandate, the RPF pledges to do the following:

-To do everything to ensure that the negative consequences of colonialism are completely eliminated; especially regarding national sovereignty, unity of Rwandans, and the way they think;
-Promoting good relations and cooperation between Rwanda and the countries within the region;
-Enhancing Rwanda’s image especially its natural resources, demonstrated good governance, so that countries may seek its friendship and bring in investments;
-Continuing to solicit the friendship of other countries including those with whom we had no relations (examples: Eastern Europe, all of Asia and West Africa);
-Finding more ways of involving the Diaspora such as promoting Rwanda’s image abroad, and finding more friends and investors for Rwanda;

-Revising and updating some treaties between Rwanda and other countries or international organizations to suit the modern times and Rwanda’s interests.

4. Security and National Sovereignty
The security and sovereignty of Rwandans and their property is a fundamental responsibility of the national leadership.

The RPF reckons that Rwandans cannot do without security, peace and sovereignty of their country.

The RPF will emphasize the following:

-Professionalizing the national army
-fostering foreign relations so as to limit conflicts with other nations

-Continuing the policy of friendly relations with neighbouring countries, joining regional cooperation blocks like COMESA, EAC and others.

-Seeking out different ways of connecting to the coast, including a railway line.

5. Women: The heart and source of life
The RPF shall fight the practice of discriminating against women that has become a hindrance to national development: Practices like not taking girls to school, leaving all domestic work to girls and women, and so on, have affected Rwanda’s development.

The RPF will put emphasis on the following:
-Supporting programs that help women break from poverty
-Repealing all laws that are not in step with the development of women
-Continuing to sensitize women to participate in leadership
-Sensitizing women and girls to acquire all possible levels of education

6. The Youth: Rwanda’s future
The youth are the strength of Rwanda today, and are the seeds that will propagate the Rwanda of tomorrow. In order for Rwanda to continue to exist in a manner that benefits the society of mankind, the RPF will make it a priority to train the youth in morals, knowledge and science.

The RPF will emphasize the following:
-Continuing to find means of increasing the number of schools at all levels
-Promoting the welfare of the youth, by promoting entrepreneurship
-Ensure that the youth acquire good morals and health
-Promoting interaction and cooperation between the youth of Rwanda and that of other countries.

7. Civil Society Organizations
The RPF aims to build and support a civil society whose ideology and actions promote unity, development and democracy, and that complements the government.

The RPF will pay particular attention to the following:
-Supporting the establishment of an independent platform for all civil society organizations in the country;
-Establishing a forum for exchange of ideas between the civil society, donors, and the government;
-Supporting an active role of civil society in the national budget, so they may participate more in development activities;
-Integrating capacity building and good leadership lessons for civil society in the general programs to fight illiteracy and ignorance;
-Promoting a culture of voluntary work among Rwandans.

Chapter 2: The Economy
The RPF is highly concerned with the national economy and the personal development of every Rwandan which is the basis of the population’s welfare.

 The Rwandan person is the basis of the national economy, which is why he/she must have access to education, proper upbringing, knowledge and the capacity for personal and national development.

 Such progress can be seen in the development of agriculture, trade, industry and art and crafts, tourism, investment, and so on.

1. Agriculture
Modern agriculture relies on technology, so that there are few farmers who produce a lot of out put, and that those who leave agriculture can join other professions.

The RPF party set itself a goal of raising output and value of our products both for the internal or export market, be it those that originate from plants (coffee, tea, and biretti ), or those that originate from livestock.

To be continued

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