KIE lecturer’s open letter to The New Times

Dear Sir Allow me space in your esteemed Newspaper to comment on an article in your issue of16 June 2009. The article in question is titled “KIE lecturer in sex for marks scam”.

Dear Sir

Allow me space in your esteemed Newspaper to comment on an article in your issue of16 June 2009. The article in question is titled “KIE lecturer in sex for marks scam”.

The case you refrred to in that article is sub judice. I think discussing it in the mass media is illeagal. I am therefore not at liberty to rebut those allegations at this point intime.

Let me begin by admitting that I am scared; very scared. A former college who is my close friend has been receiving death threats through SMS in which my name is expressly or impliedly mentioned.

The police are aware. I am a Ugandan and so I am giving a copy of this letter to H.E. the ambassador of Uganda to Rwanda.

In your article you attributed a number of statements to the Minister for Education. I had thought she was misquoted but since her office has not retracted the statements yet I assume that she indeed made those statements.

I highly respect Dr. Gahakwa. If she made those statements, she must have seen a “report”. AND, that is where the problem is. That there was an investigation is a falsehood.

Since I am the principal subject of the investigation, it is inconceivable that anyone could carry out an investigation and produce a report without my input. If there is a repot of an investigation, it is a forged document.

There was a KIE SENATE meeting 9/3/2009. At that meeting, I understand no report was presented and the senators were asked to approve my dismissal without debate on the disciplinary committee’s recommendations.

The reason being that since the matter was of a criminal nature, the police were dealing with it. As of now, the police have yet to invite me to assist them with their investigation even though I have been in Kigali continuously since 16/12/2008.

I concur with those that say a crime has been committed if indeed students passed exams but I recorded failing marks when they refused to sleep with me.

What I don’t understand is why the police have not taken any action if the have any incontrovertible evidence against me since March 2009. One wonders why not at least been interrogated.

If this matter has just come to the attention the police it is incumbent upon them to investigate it as a matter of urgency. They are the most competent and qualified professionals to investigate crime.

I have information that that I believe will help them with their investigation so that the cancer of “sex for marks” can be excised once and for all.

In some African countries a public statement by a senior cabinet minister about a case in court is a bad omen for the litigant. It would be interpreted as a tacit, thinly veiled message by the executive arm of  the government to the judiciary that the case is closed.

In those countries perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi would, for example, have been summarily executed. In this country I am not worried since I know that the judiciary in Rwanda is one of the most independent in the world.

I have very high respect for, and full confidence in, the leadership and institutions of  this great Republic.

1. H.E The Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda, Kigali-Rwanda
2. Office of the Ombudsman
3. The Commissioner of Police

ED: This letter is published as received

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