‘Taliban’ threatening Kiyombe

Nyagatare — The notorious ‘Taliban’ group of three is terrorizing residents in Kiyombe sector, blackmailing them into giving money or be placed on a Genocide conspirators list.

Alias Mbonimpa, Vicent Ntezimana and Gratien Rutagengwa are, according to residents, allegedly taking advantage of innocent residents by producing false evidence against innocent people that they took part in the 1994 Genocide in the former Murambi commune backed with motives to forcefully get money from them.

 “They just frame testimonies to implicate innocent people but the aim of their evil acts is producing false evidence to Gacaca authorities,” one resident said.

“It is worrying residents because sector and district authorities are taking it lightly but the people especially those who are not friends to the group often bribe them.” When asked why he was terrorizing residents, ‘Taliban’ member Elias Mbonimpa when asked why they terrorize residents said it was about justice.

“You see us here as Genocide survivors. We looked for safety in Murambi commune during the 1994 Genocide and a majority of the residents in Kiyombe sector were exiled in that commune which means we saw people killing each other but when we testify people instead allege that we are just delinquents threatening to harm them,” Mbonimpa complained.

“One of our colleagues was beaten up by security operatives because he testified against a person who killed and raped a woman in the former Murambi commune,” he said. “They allege that he gave false information to Gacaca courts.

 When we responded to a call of the unity government for citizens to give information, they now say that we just frame testimonies just to earn a living.”

 Executive secretary Enoch Byabashaija confirmed the presence of the ‘Taliban group’, which he said was causing major insecurity in the sector.

“Those men don’t participate in government policies like Umuganda.

They rebelled against the cell and sector authorities. They are a problem to us as leaders in Kiyombe sector,” Byabashaija said.

“They use opportunity of describing themselves as genocide survivors but they are not.

They compile a list of people they want to earn from but these people defied their demands, they then threatened,” one resident said.

Over 80 per cent of far-off Kiyombe sector residents looked for refuge in Murambi commune (now Gatsibo district) where many are accused to have taken part in killings in the area.


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