Living life: Manage stress with a positive attitude

Sometimes life seems so stressful. One wakes up and just starts wondering how they are going to go through the day. Sometimes one can deal with ongoing stress positively.
Drinking large amounts of water is very important in dealing with stress.  Net Photo
Drinking large amounts of water is very important in dealing with stress. Net Photo

Sometimes life seems so stressful. One wakes up and just starts wondering how they are going to go through the day. Sometimes one can deal with ongoing stress positively. Stress can be caused by so many thing such as family problems, poor health, job problems, death of some one so close to you, false expectations or even financial difficulties. Some stress is also natural. So it’s always good to recognize the cause of the stress so one can find ways of dealing with the roots of the problem or ask for some help from friends or if so severe from professionals.

First thing one has to do is to take control of your life. Take a moment and think about all you have been given in life and how blessed you are to have what you have. Be thankful for everything you have in control and dismiss everything you don’t have. Be thankful for the simplest things like having a roof over your head, a bed to sleep, food to eat, warmth, security and also think of how many people don’t have them, count yourself so luck to have them. And therefore be happy with them, Do not let yourself be controlled by fear, could be fear to do anything. Always try and overcome fear.

Beware of your choices, you always have a choice so try and follow it. This is true for emotions and as well as work. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out but still stay in control.

Say positive things to yourself as soon as you wake up every morning. This will keep your energy and mind going. Always live a positive life and you will see that your stress about things is reduced. Start everyday with a reflection, spiritual or otherwise. This will keep you moving throughout the day.

Set goal of what you need to achieve for a day, then write a” to do list” and when doing it try to know your limits, be realistic about what you can accomplish on the day.Donot write it beyond what you can do. Priotise your tasks in a day and work to finish them starting with the one that is more important or urgent.Emphasise quality in you work rather than sheer quantity. Schedule your day. Add some breathing space for yourself that will allow you time for recharging and creative thinking. You will also be well prepared when an anticipated task comes. Too much logical and systematic thinking creates stress. Give your brain some rest and also stimulate your other parts of the brain. Review your goals at the end of the day and think of everything you have achieved and what you haven’t so you can start on that the following day. Have limits and don’t push yourself too hard and beat yourself up when you fail to achieve everything on a day.

Always we should try and be organized. The more organized we are the less stress we will get in a day since everything will be going on as we organized it.

Try and identify the things that put you under stress. This will help you deal with them from the very root and you could fight that stress for good since if it happens to come to you again you will know exactly how to handle it.

We should always stop worrying about things we cannot change. Try and see how you can instead deal with those things. Just leave things the way they are cause no matter what you do you can never change them but try to adjust in all circumstances. Take responsibility to make your life what you want it to be. It is less stressful when one has decisions and takes action than to feel powerless and react to other people’s decisions. Decide what you want and go for it. Do not wait for another day or to get more ideas about it.

Treat your body right, this will help you gain self confidence and energy and be less likely to to experience the physical side effects of stress; eat a healthy meals, drink water, get fit, and always remember to get enough sleep as this will help you go through the next day.

Listen to music, positive and relaxing music. This will help your minds to relax. Use positive self talk; see yourself as someone who can always make it in life but not as a failure. Always try to rehearse ways of how you can deal with stress if it comes, keep on doing it and with time you will see that stress doesn’t give you any troubles when you get it

Develop a sense of humor, do not take things serious always; back off from intensity and see humor in life’s situation, laugh a little or even a lot. See the humor in stress.

Talk to friends about your situations. This will help you feel a little relieved and more relaxed. And learn to say know. You cannot do everything that you are asked to do. Take a bath it will give you private time and relax your body. Chew some gum. Most times people who chew a lot get less stress. Chewing is a healthy alternative. Try some relaxation techniques like yoga and lie down on bed with eyes closed for a few minutes you will see that the tension you had actually has reduced.


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