Playing Doubles

Something about men always makes them take the toughest impassable road. Right now, I have about three girls who are well primed and receptive to my charms.

Something about men always makes them take the toughest impassable road. Right now, I have about three girls who are well primed and receptive to my charms. And then, there are these two who have made it obvious that to get to them, I will have to undertake a real trek. Logically, anyone would go for one of the three girls who are ready and willing.

But not me or any other man that I know of! Probably, the fact that they are ready and willing makes them not so attractive, not like their risky friends who don’t seem to give a hoot about anything or anyone. So, I have found all my focus and concentration directed towards the two ice queens. One of them is my neighbour; the other is an Indian girl I found at the shop about two weeks ago.

My neighbour has made it clear that if I am to get anything from her, I will have to show much more commitment than I am currently capable of displaying. Probably some focusing here would help, because she would notice that I am more attentive, and am not always “going somewhere”.

The other day, I took her out. We went to a spot in town, and as it approached midnight, Tina called. Tina is that other nice girl, one of the “ready and willing” ones. We have a kind of arrangement where she calls me before she sleeps. Her idea is that it gives her good dreams if she goes to bed when she is happy. She says I make her laugh.

I don’t understand it, but I don’t question her. One of the things I learned early enough was that if a woman is happy about something; don’t change it, even if to you, it might seem like an improvement. So, every day, I wait for that time, she calls, I talk to her for a bit and we are both happy. But this time, I failed to make my escape to receive her call. My phone started ringing, and I got it out, checked who it was.

Then I looked at neighbour and from the way she was looking at me, she expected me to excuse myself. That would not be good for my efforts. So, I decided to answer the call from there, to prove my point. I shouldn’t have done that. I would have been safer if I had excused myself. For three minutes I did evasive maneuvers, trying to keep neighbour from knowing who was calling or what we were talking about, or what was actually going on. I diverted Tina into some story, and soon, she had to hang up and gone to sleep.

 According to me, I had played it well, neighbor wouldn’t even know if it was a man or a woman who had called me. But, trust girls. After hanging up, neighbour said; “didn’t she ask you why you kept changing the topic?” 

I did not have room to deny anything. I just kept quiet. Then after a while, we started talking about something else. But, there was something between us, and it was nolonger flowing, so we went back home. She didn’t even peck me.

The next day I found an email for me. It was from my Indian friend.She was wondering why I had stopped calling her. I thought of telling her the truth, something like “because you just kept taking me round in circles”. But I instead replied that I have been a little busy.  Then I told her that she had my full attention. She hasn’t replied up to today. Just playing games with me!