Fashion: Making the right choice of undergarments

In most cases, undies are given little attention yet have a lot determination as far as our dressing comfort is concerned. No man is comfortable if the underwear is either comfortable or of the right fit.

In most cases, undies are given little attention yet have a lot determination as far as our dressing comfort is concerned. No man is comfortable if the underwear is either comfortable or of the right fit.

Just like trousers or shirts, under-wears need attention too to avoid embarrassment before the public. It is discomfort that has caused many abandon pants to play shorts as boxers just for comfort.

However, you do not need look for designer brands but only to understand which one fits you better. A lot of change has been occurring in the men’s underwear market.

No longer is men’s underwear bought in 3-packs at the local discount store. Men now have many design choices to choose from but it all depends on you choice for comfortable.


Are the traditional under-wears that cover from waist to thigh, with a working fly. There are a type of Y-shaped men’s underwear and swimwear. Unlike boxer shorts, they hold the user’s genitals in a relatively fixed position.

This fact makes them a popular underwear choice for men who are participating in athletic activities or who feel they need more support than loose-fitting underwear can provide.

They are probably better for activities such as running, playing basketball, climbing at the rock gym, or similar pursuits. Some guys feel too constrained wearing briefs, as a contrasting point.

Boxers (boxer shorts)

Is part of the modern design that has a full rise, full cut short with working fly. It is cut a little shorter on the thigh length. It gets its name because its design took the best of both the brief and the boxer.

They have under drawers made with an elastic waist band, introduced. The elastic waist band alleviates the need for button, snap or tie closures.

• Tapered boxer is a slimmer cut boxer to show off a man's physique. Tapered legs offer a trim fit. Side vents offer comfort and leg freedom. May or may not have a fly front.

• Full cut boxer is another type that is fuller cut throughout the garment - including leg openings. Many times there will be a U-shaped panel between the legs to reduce binding and increase wearing comfort. Traditionally has a fly front.

Bikini brief

Bikini is a type of undergarment that is smaller and more revealing than typical men’s briefs. It is cut lower than a low-rise brief. Its top elastic sits below the waistline and stiill provides full rear coverage.

The leg has a high cut design and the front never has a working fly. Most men’s bikinis lack a button or flap front. Most do not have a visible waistband like briefs.

Pouch briefs that can be thought of as “missing the slot where he can enter and exit without pulling down”. If you were to turn the item sideways, it is like a nose, it has a profile.

Thongs/Jock Strap

Has a narrow piece of cloth or leather that passes between the legs and is attached to a band around the hips, worn as a bikini bottom or as underwear.

It is sometimes called ‘butt floss’, referring to its tendency to slide between the buttocks like dental floss between the teeth. This is a style used in athletics for more support, or when minimal coverage is desired.


Have a low waist and shorter legs than tights. It is a type of men’s underwear similar to boxer briefs. Like boxer briefs, trunks cover the mid-section of the body.

They are form-fitting like briefs but extend over the legs like boxer shorts. Trunks tend to be slightly shorter than regular boxer briefs, covering only the upper thighs and resting below the true waist.

Long underwear

Is a style of two-piece underwear with long arms and long legs that is worn during cold weather. Long Underwear, also known as long-johns or the Union suit, is a comfortable, practical undergarment, often worn for warmth, but sometimes makes a fashion statement.

There are practical advantages to each style of underwear, not withstanding the coolness and hygienic factors. However, boxers are often considered to be more comfortable, and have the property of not showing any obvious ‘lines’ through clothing.

For those desiring not to have any obvious panty line, boxers are an excellent choice. On balance, a guy should choose the underwear he likes or feels most comfortable in. Certainly, the embarrassment factor will be less if you have to strip down to boxers rather than briefs.

A good suggestion may well be to have a few of each type to afford a choice depending on the planned activity or situation for that day.




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