The perfect date

Dating, which is a social meeting planned in advance between two people who are or might become sexual partners, is such an exciting and challenging adventure.

Dating, which is a social meeting planned in advance between two people who are or might become sexual partners, is such an exciting and challenging adventure.

It could be the beginning of something beautiful – a romantic relationship. But how can one achieve that perfect first date? Here I am particularly talking to men.

The problem may be the word perfect. In setting up anything to be perfect, you are immediately raising the expectation that is next to impossible. Instead of thinking about a perfect, consider the formula for a great date.

All people are different, and everyone has his own idea of what it takes to have a great date, there are no hard and fast rules. What you need are the tips to help along the way.

The spark

Before anything else, find that attractive person. This does not necessarily mean that one looks like a supermodel; consider that –laugh, look, footstep - that attracts you to her.

Of course, she in turn must be attracted to you. Much as it is possible to have a great time with friends, for romance that spark has to exist.

So once the hard work is done – you have approached someone and not only talked to her but secured her telephone number and a date to boot; so now comes the date. There is a lot you can do to prepare for things to run smoothly.

The evening

Be creative: While a romantic dinner for two in an exclusive restaurant is the norm, this may not work for all couples. You may want to start with a casual drink, leaving no pressure for either of you to stick around, should things not work out.

Opportunities are endless: A city walk, movie watching, dancing, bird watching and games are all available opportunities. While people often appreciate surprises, there is no harm in planning the date together. At least this avoids picnic.

People often panic by awkward silences, but a little preparation goes a long way. By reading a couple of newspapers to brush-up on showbiz gossip and current affairs, you will have plenty of material to keep your date lively.

In the excitement of the date, be careful not to talk too much. Listen to your date and be sure to ask questions.
Remember, it is not your responsibility to make everything perfect.

Relax and enjoy yourself. Be natural, and allow your date to do the same. That way, you will both stop thinking about impressing the other, and will start to enjoy the date.

The end: And it is time to secure a second date. Hopefully during the course of the date something will have come up that will naturally lead to a second date – a movie that you both want to watch, a restaurant you would like to try, or a nightclub you would like to visit.

Key dating tips for guys:

• Have a few questions and conversation topics prepared in advance.

• Listen to your date with genuine interest.

• Ask questions, but remember it is not an interview.

• Be positive and remember you are selling yourself on the first date. Nothing worse than a grumbler!

• You worked hard to get this date so be happy and enjoy yourself!

• Finally, compliments go a long way, so tell your date just how good she looks. Open doors; ladies love gentlemen!

Drop her home and wait for a few extra seconds to see that she is safely inside. And never forget that follow-up call, “… I am home safely, are you ok?”