Fashion/style: Facial make-up that plays magic on people’s looks

One of the many activities that will take prime time for ladies and a selected few men is facial make-up; it brings out the magic that shines on people’s faces and gleams in their eyes.

One of the many activities that will take prime time for ladies and a selected few men is facial make-up; it brings out the magic that shines on people’s faces and gleams in their eyes.

Make-up is an art, which has the power to turn an ordinary face into an extremely beautiful one. It’s all about the proper way of applying it; this brings out the reality of it. Some people may take it for beauty, while others say it is for modernized beauty.

In actual sense beauty is natural; it’s God’s gift and attribute of which He is said to be ‘All beautiful’. Make-up is on the other hand an artificial look that complements beauty.

Beauty is a combination of qualities that give pleasure to the sense, while make-up is just an amalgamation of cosmetics used especially by women to make themselves more attractive, splendor and lovely.

Reasons why women admire all these attachments called make-up is to look good, wonderful and attractive both indoor and in public. On top of their natural beauty, make-up plays a vital role for women to strikingly look good.

How to apply make-up

Proper make-up matching the skin tone can really make someone look very attractive, beautiful and elegant. So, before you apply that make-up, first wash your face with the proper towels, then use a light moisturizer to smoothen the skin.

The make-up should be applied to the forehead, nose and chin. Eye make up is often difficult, so proper care should be taken; if possible ask a friend to assist. Always apply a thin line of white eyeliner on the eyelids.

Finish the line with black eyeliner and add a little black eye shadow under the eye. Unfortunately, all your efforts to look beautiful may be destroyed due to the blemished skin. In such a case, use skin care tools like the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. This will help your skin type to attain and maintain that beautiful healthy glow.

Apply a little amount of powder to the tip of your index finger. Dot it on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Make sure that you apply the powder over your eyelids too and blend without leaving a line. Use the mirror to ensure that no line markings are left on the face.

Party make-up

Parties are certainly one of the most special occasions for ladies to show their best, though quite often wrong matches are chosen. It’s advisable to consult your salon hairdresser before applying any make-up to your natural face.

There is no doubt; makeup plays a basic role in complimenting a lady’s facial features, gown and accessories. Proper selection of the best should be given ample time and the tone should be as low as possible.

Clearing with powder
Use a brush to apply the translucent powder on your face. The brush helps to clear the powder and make your skin smoother. It also makes the skin look fresh and attractive.
The right way to apply the blush is by gently directing it beneath the eye lids, below the nose and up to the temple hairline.

Skin specialists say that a beautiful and healthy skin is backed by cleansing and toning. A skin-toner or skin freshener is a must. If the skin is sensitive, use hypoallergenic or alcohol-free toners.

For oily skins, use alcohol-based toners. True beneficial toners which will help the skin find its own balance level are the best. Natural skin toners will tighten the elasticity of your skin leaving you with a more youthful complexion. However, traditionalists hold that one can work on the skin by simply using natural herbs and plants.