Fashion/style: New Year with a new look

There is no doubt the festive season reminds us to quickly rush to snatch some of the latest fashions and give a new image to our wardrobe and shoe-rack. Work towards it.
Hair dresser doing his thing.
Hair dresser doing his thing.

There is no doubt the festive season reminds us to quickly rush to snatch some of the latest fashions and give a new image to our wardrobe and shoe-rack. Work towards it.

There are many choices for most women and teenage girls since fashion is very dynamic these days.

Do not forget the importance of a trendy date hairstyle and skin care. Make sure your hair and skin are regularly treated and given due care.  This can be done through frequent visits to hair saloons and saunas for mostly men. 

Also note that, the ever growing importance of hot accessories, especially ‘must have’ bag or shoes, and try to save and go for original ones.

When buying clothes in the New Year, you should select only designs and fabrics which enhance your style.  But if you prefer to wear the fashions, then update yourself on the latest designer trends.

You could also create your own style by carefully selecting the fabrics that make up your wardrobe, from arrangement to ironing creating stunning outfits for catalogues.

Designers, trends and fashions

Your appearance will be rated according to the dressmaking, fashion choices, and accuracy as you attempt to improve on your wardrobe.

Accompanying it with creations by world famous fashion designers like Calvin Klein can be a big plus. But beware of fashion police and colour clashing.

Incidentally, it’s hard to believe that just a couple of years ago many people, women inclusive, never minded about dress codes. Putting on Maxi dresses and colour-clashing was not an issue.

But this was before the explosion of styles: mini clothes, tight trousers and open tops. In the previous years, the trend has kept on growing, and it has captured the attention of all ages.

Children and their parents literally move half-naked, exposing their underwear in the name of fashion.

Crazy-styles have taken hold and probably like in other countries, wearing skirts in the dead sizes is not an offence in Rwanda.

In contrast to last year’s fashion, next year is likely to prove your wardrobe and dressing code. However, be careful not to exaggerate because you might end up becoming a victim of fashion, for instance the likes of Kate Moss and Paris Hilton, who think of nothing else but fashion.

Men’s wear

You are probably Mr. Smart, and love being noticed in those elegant suits. So, why don’t you drop more cash in purchasing designer suits too?

Buying off-the-rack can be frustrating, but you can modify your wardrobe to fit your standards, especially if your new year’s resolution is to be smart and catch the eye of your funs.

And if your office requires you to put on a suit throughout the week, consider stocking enough, but stylish suits. And if you are not well-conversant with good designers, you can consult fashion magazines, or even the internet, you will be guided on the best and latest suits.

Again, while buying suits, always remember to get those that will not limit you on the choice of shirts and ties. For instance, a wool two-button suit is a classic gentlemanly style, with a slightly wider notch lapel.

Thus, choosing this style allows you to wear it all year round with the ability to dress it up with a white shirt and a solid blue or purple tie.

You can also try it with a dark blue shirt and matching tie for a modern look, or dress it down with a black turtleneck in colder weather.

Inner garments

Men should not forget to restock their inner garments. Its usually embarrassing to have designer suits, shoes. Phones, watches for men but have torn pairs of socks, under wears and boxers.

Another important issue is to keep them clean at all times. This curbs the bad smells some many wear even when they endeavor to appear smart.

Jackson Gatete, a staff at Ecobank, says staying true to the modern fashion keeps your options open by allowing you to pair it with a variety of shirts and ties.



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