SAUNA/FITNESS: Give your skin a fabulous treatment

Going for a sauna is not only fashionable but also healthy for rough, damaged, and dry skins.

Going for a sauna is not only fashionable but also healthy for rough, damaged, and dry skins.

It’s not a secret, some readers might not be familiar with the sauna, but it’s the perfect place for your skin and body treatment.

A sauna is described as a place where you go to relax and get the toxins out of your system, and as a result, you can be able to lose some weight.

In other words, a sauna is a bath, which consists of repeated hot cycles. The hot room is normally heated from 80°C - 100°C.

Accordingly, after being in the hot room for 10-20 minutes your pulse rate rises to 120-150/min, your skin temperature to about 40°C and you are sweating profusely.

Saunas have got two different waves: infrared and conventional. The infrared waves have the capacity of reducing temperatures to more than 3 times than a conventional sauna.

And this is the reason why people who are not usually allowed to spend time in saunas may be advised to use infrared saunas, because they have a thermostat that will control the temperature.
Coolness is equally important at the hot bath. Normally after the sauna, you are advised to sit and relax in a cool room, and either get a cold drink, or a cool shower.

Experts say swimming is also an ideal thing to think of after a sauna, because it helps in one’s nerve system operations.Today, unlike in the past, the country has got numerous saunas.

Rwandans have discovered their importance. You will often find them in big and small hotels. Scientifically, a sauna has elucidated physiological and folkloristic aspects of the bath and technical aspects of sauna building.

Jack Ngabonziza, head of sports department at Novotel Hotel, Kigali, says earlier saunas were taken for leisure, like to kill the boredom, make friendship.

But now many people have discovered that a sauna is an ideal place to at good treatment for your skin, a place to treat diseases, a place which provides excellent breath, a place that helps your nerve system.

Again, a sauna is such a central and distinguishing feature of everyday life because it is a significant and unique place to be.

The scientific dilemma of trying to discover the inventor of the sauna is like the question of the where abouts of Hansel and Gretel's ginger bread house.

Ngabonziza says a sauna's status is secure if not undisputed in our changing lifestyles. Sauna creates togetherness refrains from fatigue and certain illnesses, like influenza, headache, and skin rashes, among others.

Nevertheless, he wisely emphasizes   that a sauna should be maintained extremely clean in order to protect people’s health.




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