The secret life

Ndayishimiye John Bosco commonly known as D.j Bob is a presenter at Voice of Africa radio.

Ndayishimiye John Bosco commonly known as D.j Bob is a presenter at Voice of Africa radio.

The first thing in the morning……

I have to say a prayer first and other things come next.

What makes your day?

As a DJ, you have to give your listeners the latest hits. For instance, during a call-in show, when many listeners phone in and say—oh! It’s good, just keep the flame burning. This is what makes my day.

Have you ever had a crush on some one? If yes where?

Yes of course, that was actually when I met a girl in Black and White club at Alpha Palace. Believe me this chick was very cute. She broke my heart.

What is your worst character that irritates your friends?

I am somebody who gets angry because I am a human being. Sometimes, you move out with friends, drink and all that. But again a situation develops and you feel your friends are beginning to bore and want to think your way. This sometimes puts off my friends.

Your best word is…….

Thank you

What does your money go on?

Every coin of mine is spent on new clothes simply because I love to stand toll in the crowd.

What keeps you awake at night?

I dream about my girlfriend. She keeps me a wake because she means a lot to me. I cannot sleep before talking to her on the phone.

Who would you like to say sorry to and why?

Wow! Only my mother because I spend long without visiting her and this hurts her so much.

Who is your role model?

Wycliff Jean.

Your favorite local artist is……………

Rafiki, I like his voice.

Your best meal …..

Chips and minced meat would make my lunch a good one.

When was your first kiss?

He smiles. Well, my first kiss was when I visited my girl friend at school on her birthday.We hugged each other and finally kissed. It was wonderful.

Your dream holiday destination……………..

I would like to visit Canada and make some observations.

The worst moment in your life……….

The death of my grand father was the worst moment in my life. I remember he passed away on a Monday and this day has remained black to me since.

Any message to up coming D.js?

I would tell them to love their job first and then to keep going.

What is your secret?

My secret life is to satisfy my listeners. When I meet people on the street and thank me for well done job, I walk with my head high in the air.



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